Karma Studios (partially found Game Boy Color games from game development team; 2000)

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Stip, one of Karma Studio’s planned Game Boy Color releases.

Status: Partially found

Karma Studios was a small game development team located in the Netherlands. Founded in 1998 by Martijn Wenting, the company specialized in games for portable platforms, mainly the Game Boy Color.

The only Game Boy Color game that was released by Karma Studios was 2000’s Keep The Balance. Around 8 other games were developed and previewed for the system, but were cancelled likely due to financial problems.

3 more games that were still in very early production were also previewed and likely never had the coding started on them; Global Kumite, Tube and Smashing Tennis was their working titles according to IGN.


On September 10, 2020, a ROM for Bounced was found among a collection of ROMs sent to Nintendo for approval. No ROMs or prototypes of any of the other planned games are known to exist, although Section 7 and Cybores were eventually released for mobile phones in 2003. Graphical assets previewed by Karma Studio’s defunct website and IGN have been uncovered, as well as the soundtracks to 5 of the 11 games, composed by musician Faried Verheul.

# Game Title Status
1 Stip Lost
2 Bounced Found
3 Z-Quence Lost
4 Section 7 Lost
5 Turbo Racing Challenge Lost
6 G-Loop Lost
7 Rebounced Lost
8 Cybores Lost
9 Global Kumite Lost
10 Tube Lost
11 Smashing Tennis Lost