La lucarne d'Amilcar (partially found French children's TV block; 1987-1989)

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Mina amilcar.jpg

Mina (Karen Cheryl) with puppet Amilcar.

Status: Partially Found

La lucarne d'Amilcar ("Amilcar's skylight" in French) was a French-Luxembourgish children's TV block. It contained many sitcom-like skits with human characters appearing alongside puppets, while showcasing cartoons.

It was created by Jean Chalopin and hosted by singer Karen Cheryl.

It originally aired on now-defunct Luxembourg TV channel RTL Télévision in 1987, and then on French channel M6, from 1987 until 1989.


Karen Cheryl is mischievous and kind-hearted fairy Mina who hangs around in an attic where an old grumpy parrot called Amilcar lives.

Other puppet characters include three mice and a large dark hairy monster (played by a person in a suit) called "Groslais" ("Big Ugly") who, despite his scary appearance, is kind and noble.

Other human characters include an astronaut called Eric played by Eric Galliano and a "Pierre Gédéon" played by François Arambu.


Puppeteers included Claude Bordier, Jean Godement, Christian Dugas , Josette Stein and Sophie Pellegri.

The show was shot during 4 or 5 months, at winter time in Luxembourg.

Cartoons Aired

  • The Care Bears (1985-1988), as Les Bisounours
  • Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling (1985-1986), as Les Catcheurs du Rock
  • The Littles (1983-1985), as Les Minipouss
  • Pole Position (1984)



Only two short clips and the opening song have resurfaced online.

On nostalgia website Casimirland, a user has claimed to have about 50 episodes on VHS, back in 2009. However, they didn't share them, being more interested in trading them for other rare shows.


Mina introduces the show and its schedule.

Characters begin entering into a song.

Opening song to La lucarne d'Amilcar.

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