Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies (partially found original title cards for animated shorts; 1930s-1940s)

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Original title card for 1946 short "The Mouse-Merized Cat", sourced from a black and white 16mm print.

Status: Partially Found

In April 1943, Film Daily announced that due to World War II, Schlesinger and Warner Bros. started reissuing previously released color cartoons into theaters to save money and because Warner Bros. still wanted Schlesinger to release 39 reels annually. Dubbed "Blue Ribbons" due to their new title cards, these had their titles cut off from their original negatives and other studio masters. With the trimming of the titles, also came the cutting of credits. With the cutting of the credits, several directors, animators, and artists have been robbed of their rightful credits for nearly 80 years. Furthermore, the original opening compositions from Norman Spencer and Carl Stalling were also lost in the process.[1]

Not only is recovering these elements important in figuring out just who did what, but it’s also a critical issue in regard to seeing these films the true way they were intended.

Some directors (like Tex Avery) often did gags and unique variants (such as a book opening) in the beginning and end titles. Because of these reissues, several of these unique and clever sequences may be lost to time. Sometimes, reissues would also cut out scenes from a cartoon, such as the ending of The Stupid Cupid.

In 1956, due to budget reasons, they kept the credits but replaced the opening and ending color rings with new ones.

Several reissues in the '60s did not alter the title sequences whatsoever.

The original opening cues for many of the titles that were cut are known, courtesy of Danial Goldmark.[2]

Reissues which cut the credits (1943-1956)

Original release Film Title Availability
1935-07-13 "The Country Mouse" Lost
1935-08-17 "The Merry Old Soul" Found
1935-09-07 "The Lady in Red" Found (recreated audio)
1935-10-19 "Little Dutch Plate" Lost
1935-11-30 "Flowers for Madame" Lost
1936-02-08 "The Cat Came Back" Lost
1936-04-11 "I'm a Big Shot Now" Lost
1936-05-02 "Let It Be Me" Lost
1936-06-27 "When I Yoo Hoo" Found
1936-07-18 "I Love to Singa" Found
1936-08-08 "Sunday Go to Meetin' Time" Found
1936-11-07 "Don't Look Now" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1937-01-02 "He Was Her Man" Lost
1937-01-30 "Pigs Is Pigs" Lost
1937-03-27 "The Fella with the Fiddle" Lost
1937-05-01 "Ain't We Got Fun" Lost
1937-05-18 "I Only Have Eyes for You" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1937-07-03 "Sweet Sioux" Lost
1937-07-31 "Plenty of Money and You" Lost
1937-08-21 "A Sunbonnet Blue" Lost
1937-09-04 "Speaking of the Weather" Found
1937-09-25 "I Wanna Be a Sailor" Lost
1937-10-16 "The Lyin' Mouse" Lost
1937-11-06 "Little Red Walking Hood" Found
1937-12-18 "September in the Rain" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1938-01-01 "Daffy Duck & Egghead" Found
1938-01-29 "My Little Buckaroo" Lost
1938-03-12 "The Sneezing Weasel" Lost
1938-05-14 "Now That Summer Is Gone" Lost
1938-06-11 "Katnip Kollege" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1938-06-25 "Have You Got Any Castles?" Partially Found (original opening and ending scenes found)
1938-05-28 "The Isle of Pingo Pongo" Found
1938-09-24 "A Feud There Was" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1938-10-08 "Little Pancho Vanilla" Lost
1938-10-22 "Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1938-11-05 "You're an Education" Lost
1938-11-19 "The Night Watchman" Found
1938-12-31 "The Mice Will Play" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1939-01-14 "Dog Gone Modern" Lost
1939-02-11 "Robin Hood Makes Good" Lost
1939-03-11 "A Day at the Zoo" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1939-03-25 "Prest-O Change-O" Lost
1939-05-06 "Thugs with Dirty Mugs" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1939-05-27 "Hobo Gadget Band" Lost
1939-07-01 "Old Glory" Partially Found (original ending found)
1939-07-15 "Dangerous Dan McFoo" Lost
1939-09-02 "Little Brother Rat" Found
1939-09-09 "Sioux Me" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1939-10-07 "The Little Lion Hunter" Lost
1939-10-21 "The Good Egg" Partially Found (audio only)
1939-11-04 "Fresh Fish" Found
1939-11-18 "Fagin's Freshman" Lost
1939-12-02 "Sniffles and the Bookworm" Lost
1939-12-30 "The Curious Puppy" Lost
1940-01-13 "The Early Worm Gets the Bird" Partially Found (audio only and one screenshot in very poor quality)
1940-01-27 "Mighty Hunters" Lost (the original credits were kept but the color rings were replaced)
1940-02-10 "Busy Bakers" Lost
1940-03-16 "Cross Country Detours" Found
1940-04-13 "The Bear's Tale" Found
1940-05-11 "Sniffles Takes a Trip" Lost
1940-06-08 "Tom Thumb in Trouble" Lost (35mm print known to exist)
1940-06-22 "Circus Today" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1940-07-06 "Little Blabbermouse" Lost
1940-07-20 "The Egg Collector" Lost
1940-07-27 "A Wild Hare" Found (recreated opening color rings)
1940-09-28 "Stage Fright" Lost
1940-11-09 "Wacky Wild Life" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1940-11-23 "Bedtime for Sniffles" Lost
1940-12-07 "Of Fox and Hounds" Partially Found (screenshot in very poor quality)[3]
1941-01-18 "The Fighting 69½th" Lost
1941-02-01 "Sniffles Bells the Cat" Lost
1941-03-01 "The Cat's Tale" Partially Found (original production cel in very poor quality)[3]
1941-03-29 "Goofy Groceries" Lost
1941-04-12 "Toy Trouble" Lost
1941-04-26 "The Trial of Mr. Wolf" Found
1941-05-10 "Farm Frolics" Found (WB shield was recreated as it is missing from the raw scan)
1941-05-24 "Hollywood Steps Out" Lost
1941-06-07 "Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt" Found
1941-06-21 "The Wacky Worm" Lost
1941-07-19 "Inki and the Lion" Lost
1941-08-30 "Snowtime for Comedy" Lost
1941-09-27 "The Brave Little Bat" Lost
1941-10-11 "The Bug Parade" Lost
1941-11-22 "The Cagey Canary" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1941-12-06 "Rhapsody in Rivets" Partially Found (original production cel without background)[3]
1942-01-03 "Hop, Skip and a Chump" Lost
1942-04-11 "Horton Hatches the Egg" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1942-06-27 "Double Chaser" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1942-08-08 "The Squawkin' Hawk" Partially Found (original production cel in very poor quality)[3]
1942-09-05 "Fox Pop" Lost
1942-10-03 "The Hep Cat" Lost
1942-10-17 "The Sheepish Wolf" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1942-11-21 "A Tale of Two Kitties" Partially Found (original layout drawing)[3]
1942-12-05 "My Favorite Duck" Partially Found (original production cel, credits cel mismatched with Baseball Bugs)[3]
1943-02-06 "Pigs in a Polka" Partially Found (original production cel, credits cel in very poor quality)[3]
1943-03-06 "The Fifth-Column Mouse" Partially Found (screenshot, original soundtrack found)[3]
1943-03-20 "Flop Goes the Weasel" Partially Found (original production cel,credits cel mismatched)[3]
1943-04-17 "The Unbearable Bear" Partially Found (original production cel, mismatched with a

background cel from My Favorite Duck)[3]

1943-05-15 "Greetings Bait" Lost
1943-06-19 "The Aristo-cat" Lost
1943-09-11 "Hiss and Make Up" Partially Found (original production cel, mismatched with a

background cel from Flop Goes the Weasel)[3]

1943-10-23 "Fin 'n' Catty" Partially Found (original production cel, missing background)[3]
1943-11-13 "Inki and the Minah Bird" Lost
1943-12-04 "An Itch in Time" Lost
1944-04-08 "Tick Tock Tuckered" Lost
1944-05-06 "Swooner Crooner" Lost (An original print exists at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.)[4]
1944-05-27 "Duck Soup to Nuts" Lost (An original print exists at UCLA)[4]
1944-06-17 "Slightly Daffy" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1944-08-05 "From Hand to Mouse" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1944-09-02 "Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears" Lost
1944-09-30 "Lost and Foundling" Lost
1944-10-14 "Booby Hatched" Lost
1944-11-25 "The Stupid Cupid" Lost
1945-01-06 "Odor-able Kitty" Lost
1945-02-24 "Trap Happy Porky" Found
1945-02-24 "Life with Feathers" Partially Found (black and white screenshots)
1945-05-19 "Ain't That Ducky" Lost
1945-06-30 "Tale of Two Mice" Found (bad quality)
1945-08-25 "Fresh Airedale" Lost
1945-09-15 "The Bashful Buzzard" Partially Found (audio only)
1945-10-20 "Peck Up Your Troubles" Partially Found (original production cel)[3]
1946-01-05 "Book Revue" Found
1946-02-23 "Holiday for Shoestrings" Found
1946-03-16 "Baby Bottleneck" Found
1946-04-06 "Daffy Doodles" Lost
1946-05-04 "Hush My Mouse" Found
1946-07-13 "The Eager Beaver" Lost
1946-08-17 "Of Thee I Sting" Found (black and white)
1946-08-31 "Walky Talky Hawky" Lost
1946-09-28 "Fair and Worm-er" Lost
1946-10-19 "The Mouse-Merized Cat" Partially Found (audio only and one black and white screenshot)
1946-11-02 "Mouse Menace" Partially Found (Two black and white screenshots and clip of audio from a Spanish A.A.P print)
1946-11-23 "Roughly Squeaking" Lost
1947-01-18 "One Meat Brawl" Lost
1947-01-25 "The Goofy Gophers" Lost
1947-02-15 "The Gay Anties" Lost
1947-03-08 "Scent-imental over You" Lost
1947-04-12 "Birth of a Notion" Lost
1947-05-03 "Tweetie Pie" Found (black and white)
1947-05-17 "Hobo Bobo" Lost
1947-06-14 "Along Came Daffy" Lost
1947-06-21 "Inki at the Circus" Lost
1947-07-12 "Crowing Pains" Found
1947-08-23 "The Foxy Duckling" Lost
1947-09-06 "House Hunting Mice" Found (released on Thunderbean: All Sorts of Cartoon Shorts)
1947-10-04 "Little Orphan Airedale" Lost
1947-10-25 "Doggone Cats" Found
1947-12-13 "A Horse Fly Fleas" Found
1948-01-17 "Two Gophers from Texas" Lost
1948-02-26 "What's Brewin', Bruin?" Lost
1948-03-27 "Back Alley Oproar" Found
1948-04-03 "I Taw a Putty Tat" Partially Found (recreated audio)
1948-04-17 "Hop, Look and Listen" Found
1948-05-22 "Bone Sweet Bone" Found
1948-06-26 "The Rattled Rooster" Found
1948-07-10 "The Shell Shocked Egg" Lost
1948-08-07 "You Were Never Duckier" Found
1948-10-09 "The Foghorn Leghorn" Found
1948-10-30 "Daffy Dilly" Found
1948-11-06 "Kit for Cat" Found
1948-12-18 "Scaredy Cat" Found

Reissues which kept the credits (1956-1969)

1948-08-21 "Hot Cross Bunny" Found
1948-09-11 "The Pest That Came to Dinner" Found
1948-09-25 "Hare Splitter" Found
1948-12-04 "My Bunny Lies over the Sea" Lost
1949-01-01 "Wise Quackers" Lost
1949-01-29 "Awful Orphan" Lost
1949-02-26 "Mississippi Hare" Lost
1949-03-12 "Paying the Piper" Lost
1949-03-26 "Daffy Duck Hunt" Lost
1949-04-09 "Rebel Rabbit" Lost
1949-04-23 "Mouse Wreckers" Lost
1949-04-30 "High Diving Hare" Lost
1949-05-14 "The Bee-Deviled Bruin" Lost
1949-06-04 "Bowery Bugs" Lost
1949-06-11 "Mouse Mazurka" Lost
1949-07-02 "Henhouse Henery" Lost
1949-07-16 "Knights Must Fall" Found
1949-07-23 "Bad Ol' Putty Tat" Lost
1949-08-06 "The Grey Hounded Hare" Lost
1949-08-13 "Often an Orphan" Lost
1949-09-03 "Dough for the Do-Do" Lost
1949-09-17 "Fast and Furry-ous" Lost
1949-09-24 "Each Dawn I Crow" Lost
1949-10-15 "Swallow the Leader" Lost
1949-10-22 "Bye, Bye Bluebeard" Lost
1949-11-12 "For Scent-imental Reasons" Lost
1949-11-19 "Hippety Hopper" Lost
1949-12-10 "Bear Feat" Lost
1949-12-24 "Rabbit Hood" Lost
1949-12-31 "A Ham in a Role" Lost
1950-01-14 "Home, Tweet Home" Found
1950-01-21 "Hurdy-Gurdy Hare" Lost
1950-01-28 "Boobs in the Woods" Lost
1950-02-11 "Mutiny on the Bunny" Found
1950-02-18 "The Lion's Busy" Found
1950-03-04 "The Scarlet Pumpernickel" Lost
1950-03-11 "Homeless Hare" Lost
1950-04-01 "Strife with Father" Found
1950-04-15 "The Hypo-Chondri-Cat" Found
1950-05-06 "The Leghorn Blows at Midnight" Lost
1950-05-20 "His Bitter Half" Lost
1950-05-27 "An Egg Scramble" Lost
1950-06-24 "All a Bir-r-r-d" Lost
1950-07-08 "8 Ball Bunny" Lost
1950-07-22 "It's Hummer Time" Found
1950-08-05 "Golden Yeggs" Lost
1950-08-26 "Dog Gone South" Found
1950-09-02 "The Ducksters" Lost
1950-09-16 "A Fractured Leghorn" Lost
1950-10-07 "Canary Row" Found
1950-10-21 "Stooge for a Mouse" Lost
1950-10-28 "Pop 'Im Pop!" Found
1950-11-25 "Caveman Inki" Lost
1950-12-02 "Dog Collared" Lost
1950-12-16 "Rabbit of Seville" Found
1950-12-30 "Two's a Crowd" Lost
1951-01-20 "A Fox in a Fix" Lost
1951-02-03 "Canned Feud" Found
1951-02-24 "Putty Tat Trouble" Lost
1951-03-03 "Corn Plastered" Lost
1951-03-10 "Bunny Hugged" Lost
1951-03-24 "Scent-imental Romeo" Lost
1951-04-07 "A Bone for a Bone" Lost
1951-04-28 "A Hound for Trouble" Lost
1951-05-12 "Early to Bet" Lost
1951-05-19 "Rabbit Fire" Lost
1951-06-02 "Room and Bird" Lost
1951-06-16 "Chow Hound" Lost
1951-06-30 "French Rarebit" Lost
1951-07-14 "The Wearing of the Grin" Lost
1951-07-28 "Leghorn Swoggled" Lost
1951-08-11 "His Hare Raising Tale" Lost
1951-08-25 "Cheese Chasers" Lost
1951-09-08 "Lovelorn Leghorn" Lost
1951-09-22 "Tweety's S.O.S." Lost
1951-10-06 "Ballot Box Bunny" Lost
1951-10-20 "A Bear for Punishment" Lost
1951-11-03 "Sleepy Time Possum" Found
1951-11-17 "Drip-Along Daffy" Lost
1951-12-01 "Big Top Bunny" Lost
1951-12-15 "Tweet Tweet Tweety" Lost
1951-12-22 "The Prize Pest" Lost
1952-01-05 "Who's Kitten Who?" Lost
1952-02-02 "Feed the Kitty" Lost
1952-02-16 "Gift Wrapped" Lost
1952-03-01 "Thumb Fun" Lost
1952-03-29 "Little Beau Pepé" Lost
1952-04-05 "Kiddin' the Kitten" Lost
1952-05-10 "Sock a Doodle Do" Lost
1952-05-24 "Beep, Beep" Lost
1952-06-21 "Ain't She Tweet" Lost
1952-07-05 "Cracked Quack" Found
1952-08-09 "Hoppy Go Lucky" Lost
1952-08-30 "A Bird in a Guilty Cage" Lost
1952-12-13 "Fool Coverage" Lost
1953-01-03 "Don't Give Up the Sheep" Found
1953-01-17 "Snow Business" Found
1953-02-14 "Forward March Hare" Found
1953-03-14 "Upswept Hare" Found
1953-03-28 "A Peck o' Trouble" Lost
1953-04-04 "Fowl Weather" Lost
1953-04-18 "Muscle Tussle" Found
1953-05-02 "Southern Fried Rabbit" Found
1953-07-27 "Tom Tom Tomcat" Lost
1953-08-29 "Cat-Tails for Two" Lost
1953-09-19 "Zipping Along" Found
1953-10-17 "Easy Peckin's" Lost
1953-11-14 "Of Rice and Hen" Found
1954-01-02 "Dog Pounded" Found
1954-01-16 "Captain Hareblower" Found
1954-02-27 "No Barking" Lost
1954-03-27 "Design for Leaving" Found
1954-04-17 "Bell Hoppy" Lost
1954-08-07 "Satan's Waitin'" Lost
1954-09-04 "Gone Batty" Lost
1954-10-02 "By Word of Mouse" Found
1954-10-16 "From A to Z-Z-Z-Z" Found
1954-10-30 "Quack Shot" Lost
1955-01-29 "Pests for Guests" Lost
1955-02-19 "All Fowled Up" Lost
1955-03-12 "Lighthouse Mouse" Lost
1955-04-16 "The Hole Idea" Lost
1955-08-20 "A Kiddies Kitty" Lost
1955-11-26 "Heir-Conditioned" Lost
1955-12-31 "One Froggy Evening" Lost
1956-01-26 "Too Hop to Handle" Lost
1956-02-11 "Weasel Stop" Lost
1956-02-18 "The High and the Flighty" Lost
1956-02-25 "Broom-Stick Bunny" Found
1956-03-31 "Heaven Scent" Found
1956-04-28 "Rabbitson Crusoe" Found
1956-05-05 "Gee Whiz-z-z-z-z-z-z" Found
1956-05-19 "Tree Cornered Tweety" Found
1956-06-02 "The Unexpected Pest" Found
1956-06-16 "Napoleon Bunny-Part" Found
1956-08-04 "Rocket-bye Baby" Found
1956-08-18 "Half-Fare Hare" Found
1956-08-25 "Raw! Raw! Rooster!" Lost
1956-10-13 "Yankee Dood It" Lost
1956-10-27 "Wideo Wabbit" Found
1956-12-15 "To Hare Is Human" Found
1957-01-12 "Tweet Zoo" Lost
1957-05-04 "Cheese It, the Cat!" Found
1957-05-11 "Fox-Terror" Found
1957-05-25 "Piker's Peak" Found
1957-06-08 "Steal Wool" Found
1957-06-22 "Boston Quackie" Found
1957-07-06 "What's Opera, Doc?" Found
1957-07-20 "Tabasco Road" Lost
1957-08-10 "Birds Anonymous" Lost
1957-09-14 "Zoom and Bored" Found
1957-09-28 "Greedy for Tweety" Lost
1957-11-30 "Gonzales' Tamales" Found
1957-12-14 "Rabbit Romeo" Found
1958-02-01 "Hare-Less Wolf" Found
1958-03-29 "Hare-Way to the Stars" Found
1958-05-31 "Now, Hare This" Found
1958-08-23 "Knighty Knight Bugs" Found
1958-11-01 "Pre-Hysterical Hare" Found
1959-01-10 "Baton Bunny" Found
1959-02-28 "Hare-abian Nights" Found
1959-06-13 "Backwoods Bunny" Found
1959-08-01 "Wild and Woolly Hare" Found

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