Mike Henry's Batman publicity stills (lost photographs advertising CBS "Batman" TV series; 1964)

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A mock-up of one person's account on what the stills looked like.

Status: Lost

Former American footballer and actor Mike Henry, known for roles such as Tarzan in the 1960s and Junior from the Smokey and the Bandit series, posed for a set of publicity stills where he dressed up as Batman for a Saturday morning children's program that CBS had bought the idea for in 1964, with Ed Graham (who originally pitched the idea to them) as producer.

The show would have been more straightforward and serious in tone than ABC's Batman (starring Adam West), and Henry was one of the actors considered for the role of Batman.

However, before the show could come to fruition, DC Comics got the TV rights for Batman back and then made a deal with ABC to create the 1966 show that is known today.

Consequently, anything in context to the '64 Batman pitch was put away or lost, including the publicity stills. As of today, these stills haven't been found.

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