Never Mind the Buzzcocks (partially found American adaptation of British panel game; 2002)

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Buzzcocks logo.jpg

The logo for the American version.

Status: Partially Found

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a short-lived American adaptation of the British comedy panel game of the same name, running from March 4th, 2002, to April 1st, 2002[1]on VH1. Like the original British show, episodes of the American Never Mind the Buzzcocks featured panels of celebrity guests who competed in humorous games to test their knowledge on pop music. The show was hosted by comedian Marc Maron[2], with 13 episodes being made and produced by Eyeboogie and FremantleMedia.

Due to the show's short run and cancellation due to low ratings[3], only 5 episodes aired and the latter 8 were pulled and none of them have yet to resurface online.


The team captains of the show were Daphne Brogdon and Matt Price. Like the original British show, there were two panels of celebrities competing against each other in various games to answer generally humorous questions relating to pop music and music videos[4].

Games played on the show included Quotes, Song Intros, and Finish-the-Lyrics[5]. Notable celebrity guests on the show included David Cross, Sebastian Bach, and Alex Borstein[6]. Each episode had a run time of 30 minutes.


Never Mind the Buzzcocks was allegedly pulled off the air and cancelled after the 5 episodes aired. In addition, according to a memo consisting of recommendations for VH1 at the time of the show's airing[7], there were 8 other episodes of the show produced that were shelved and remain unaired due to the abrupt cancellation of the show. When asked by a fan on Twitter on whether any footage from the adaptation will ever resurface, Maron said "god, i hope not".

On March 7th, 2022, Twitter user Shuttsapalooza uploaded three clips of the second episode.

Episode list

# Guests Air date Availability
1 Sebastian Bach, Sherrod Small, Molly Culver, Bert Kreischer March 4th, 2002 Lost
2 David Cross, Marcus Schekenberg, J.J. French, Mike B March 11th, 2002 Partially Found
3 Alex Borstein, Terri Nunn, Coolio, Jim Norton March 18th, 2002 Lost
4 Scott Thompson, Greta Gaines, Dave Wakeling, Jordan Rubin March 25th, 2002 Lost
5 Mo Rocca, Mishna Wolff, Lisa Lisa, Tom Papa April 1st, 2002 Lost
6-13 Unknown Unaired Lost

Reruns of the show aired in 2006[8]. The only way all the episodes of the show can be found is through home recordings of VH1 airings of the show, with the unaired episodes presumably only obtainable through the crew who worked on Never Mind the Buzzcocks.


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