No Known Survivors (lost Dead Space Flash game; 2008)

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Status: Lost

Dead Space: No Known Survivors was a nine-part episodic Point & Click Flash game, released alongside the Dead Space comics in order to promote the first game. It was part of a contest where players would answer questions about the lore of No Known Survivors and also solve cartographic puzzles. The winner would receive a free copy of Dead Space, the Dead Space comics, a Dead Space art book, a replica of Isaac's helmet, a copy of the film Dead Space Downfall, and a few other Dead Space-themed items. The game featured a combination of 3D models and 2D models, with differing art styles to tell its stories. You would access different episodes by clicking one of the nine limbs on the menu, with each of the limbs being from a Necromorph. The Flash game was created by Deep Focus, and episodes were released from August 25th, 2008, to October 21st, 2008. The website that hosted the flash game, was shut down around 2012 when it was sold to a Japanese company.


No Known Survivors went through the story of two different people prior to the events of Dead Space, with their stories being separated into four chapters each, with the fifth chapter as an "intermission" of sorts. The game had you stuck in one room for both of the main stories, with many interactable objects to click on to learn about the story. The first episode had you go through the story of George Greggs, a man trapped in a room, with Necromorphs right outside. He started dating one of his patients who lost their fingers in an accident, Jane Gauthier, who broke up with him on the day of the Necromorph outbreak on Aegis 7. Greggs caresses Jane's fingers, while Necromorphs break in and kill him. Jane's fingers then turn into Necromorphs themselves. An artificial intelligence, CECL-RC then comments on Jane Gauthier's and George Greggs's fates in the intermission. The second episode had the player control Stephan right after an attack by Gavin. Before this, Stephan, Dennis, and Gavin had discovered that the USG Ishimura was in restricted airspace. Gavin Becker's boss, Commander Chang, had ordered him to kill his co-workers to cover up the incident at Aegis 7. Gavin then killed Dennis and was attempting to get into the room Stephan resided in to kill him too. After killing Stephan, Commander Chang tells him to await pick up. However, Gavin cannot live with the guilt and kills himself instead.



R. Billings Treatment Interview.

Jane Gauthier Treatment Interview.

Audio log between the three spacemen.


Interview showcasing footage of the game.

Three Happy Spacemen

Video trying to piece together the story of No Known Survivors, by TheBritishRunner.

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