Oceanheart (lost prototypes of canceled indie game; 2015-2018)

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The game's logo

Status: Lost

Oceanheart is a canceled game that was developed by Infinite Ammo and created by Alec Holowka and Karen "Bitmoo" Teixeira. Alec Holowka was well known for being the designer, programmer and music composer for the critically acclaimed game Night in the Woods. The game began development in April of 2015. It was to come out on PC and Mac with console ports planned to come out in the future but was quietly canceled.


You played as Mami, a little girl who explores the sea in search of a new home[1]. Described as an “open sim-like adventure", The game's art style would've gone for a low-polyed, cel-shaded look. It would've allowed players to fish, cook, craft, care for sea life and sail for new islands. Every now and then a powerful storm might rearrange and even destroy places, giving the player an opportunity to explore new areas where they could find new objects[2]. Other ideas that were either planned or programmed into the game included bottle mailing, cataloging all of the game's species, stargazing and seed engineering, which consists of crossbreeding seeds and trees and could even help you to rescue certain tree types from going extinct as the sea keeps changing.


According to a tweet made by Infinite Ammo's official Twitter account on the 12th of December in 2018, the game had a few prototypes. One on Unreal and the other being Unity. They also shared some info on their Tumblr page that they were able to get a build up and running on the PS4 before it was shelved[3]. They even stated that they might come back to the game at some point[4]. That sadly never happened because on August 31st, 2019, Alec Holowka committed suicide. The only officially released content of the game are a handful of screenshots, concept art and video footage that was released on the company's Vine account. [5]


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