Pegeen (lost silent film; 1920)

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Still with Bessie Love and Charles Spere.

Status: Lost

Pegeen is a silent film based on the 1915 novel of the same name by Eleanor Hoyt [1] This film was directed by David Smith and starred Bessie Love, Edmund Burns, and Ruth Fuller Golden. It was first released on January 11, 1920, in the USA.[2]


Recently widowed Danny O'Neil thought that in order for his wife to return to him he should set fire to buildings around the city hoping that she will come back. His daughter Pegeen is sent to live with a neighbor for her safety. When her father is arrested, Pegeen's friend Ezra helps hide him, who dies shortly thereafter.[3][4]


Not much else is known about this film besides that, it had mixed reviews and that it wasn't known as a smash hit nor a complete failure. Out of the 5 reels of film,[5] all of them are nowhere to be seen and there is no confirmed evidence that the film still exists to this day or that it will ever be discovered again.


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