Plane Ride From Hell (lost photographs of drunk wrestler incidents; 2002)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its sensitive subject matter.


Justin Credible in 1998.

Status: Lost

The "Plane Ride From Hell" was a series of incidents of WWE wrestlers misbehaving on a flight on May 5th, 2002. Since the flight was delayed for an hour before takeoff, many wrestlers took to drinking while they were waiting. Among the incidents were two wrestlers (Brock Lesnar and Curt Hennig) grappling, with Lesnar taking Hennig down and almost driving both of them through the emergency door while the flight was mid-air. Various other antics took place, such as former wrestler Dustin Runnels "serenading" his ex-wife, former wrestler Ric Flair sexually harassing female flight attendants, and Michael Hayes having his hair cut off while he was sleeping because he sucker punched a wrestler and caused him to bleed.

In an interview regarding the "Plane Ride From Hell", former wrestler Justin Credible said that paparazzi were taking multiple photos of the wrestlers and WWE officials going through customs at JFK airport. Some of them allegedly included former wrestler Scott Hall being rolled in a wheelchair in an unresponsive state through customs. Credible only spoke vaguely about the photos, and he did not describe any instances of other pictures they took. He did, however, imply that many other photos were taken of the wrestlers and agents in different contexts.

Credible says he does not know what happened to the photos, and to this date they have not surfaced online in any form. It is not known what happened to them.

Justin Credible recalls "The Plane Ride From Hell" in 2002.

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