Prometheus and Bob (lost various material of "KaBlam!" Nickelodeon stop-motion animated series; late 1990s)

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Still from the original series.

Status: Lost

Prometheus and Bob is a stop-motion animated sketch made by Cote Zellers that was featured on the 1996 Nickelodeon series KaBlam!. The series about an alien name Prometheus who teaches various things to a caveman name Bob to varying results while recording it on camera to show future humans that he taught early cavemen these things.

Pitch Pilot

Status: Lost

With a prehistoric set left over from a commercial, Zellers developed a short staring the duo that ended up becoming the pitch pilot for the series. It was about Prometheus teaching Bob how to start a fire, when Bob starts one, he then uses it to cook Prometheus alive. The monkey then steals the saucer and flies it strait into the camera.[1] Zellers then pitched it to the Kablam! producers which they agreed to greenlight the series under the condition that the pilot will never be released (likely due to the shorts dark nature). Only a screenshot of the pilot is available.

Film Adaptation

Status: Lost

In 1998, during production of the third season of KaBlam!, a live-action film adaptation of the popular short was announced by Nickelodeon Movies. The film was to be directed by Harold Zwart, produced by Amy Heckerling and Twink Caplan and star both David Spade and Chris Farley.[2] Heckerling's interest in the series stemmed from her daughter's interest in it, as she said:

"My daughter first brought 'Prometheus & Bob' to my attention and I was hooked instantly. It is intelligent and hilarious."[3]

However, the film apparently fell through due to a lack of interest and certain problems with the original owner still owning the rights to the comic book the characters originally appeared in. A script is confirmed to exist according to Zellers in an interview, but it is currently completely lost, although he does mention that some elements from it were used in the Jack Black film: Gulliver's Travels.




Interview with Zellers on the show that mentions the pitch pilot and the cancelled film adaptation.

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