Recreio (partially found contents of children's site; 2000-2015)

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Logo for the magazine and site.

Status: Partially Found

Recreio Magazine was a monthly (previously weekly) Brazilian journal of Editora Caras, previously published by Editora Abril, founded by Victor Civita (1907-1990). Recreio aimed to entertain and educate children and pre-teens, bringing curiosities, comics, tests, jokes, etc.


Recreio had its first edition published in May 1969 and was continuously published until 1981. In 2000, it returned to the newsstands with a new philosophy, as well as new authors and experiences. The magazine was then bought by the publisher Editora Caras from publisher Editora Abril. It was finally discontinued in March 2018, ending at the 925th edition. At that time, it transformed from a weekly journal to a monthly one on a new guideline. While the physical editions of the magazine have completely stopped being published, there is still new volumes being posted onto their website since 2021.

Recreio Online was the name of the official site of the Recreio magazine. The site featured several sections of the magazine such as collections of toys sold, games, videos, cartoons, jokes, stories, and activities. For some time, the magazine even animated the episodes of its collections in partnership with Kazullo Studio for its official website. In recent years, the site showed only the photo of the current issue, and all other pages, such as jokes and games, had been withdrawn.

Due to these changes, a lot of content related to the site has been lost. Among the lost animations are the animated adaptation of Circomix, with only a fragment found on YouTube.


Though the adaptations of "MegaFeras" and "Insectron" have been found, the final episodes are missing, and it is unknown if they were ever produced.

An undetermined number of animated Animatiras produced by the cartoonist Jean Galvão and games are missing. Some can be checked by site versions saved in the web archive but cannot be played.

There is also lost printed content. Many old editions can only be found in thrift stores or on sites like eBay, but not all of them. One of the lost print jobs is RECREIO ESPECIAL MISSÃO TOTEM, a collection of comics from the 2006 Mission Totem Collection. The only proof of existence of them are pictures of people selling them online.


A fragment of an animated adaptation of Circomix.

The full animated adaptation of Robits.

A picture of the Brazilian magazine Recreio Missão Totem (Recreio Totem Mission, in English)
One of the toys that came with the magazine.
One of the toys that came with the magazine.
Underside of one of the toys that came with the magazine.