Roundhouse (partially found pitch pilot of Nickelodeon comedy series; 1991)

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Roundhouse's logo from season 1-3.

Status: Partially Found

Roundhouse is a sketch comedy that debuted on SNICK in 1992, being one of the early staples that helped popularize the Saturday night block. However, in December 1991 (8 months prior to the premiere date), a pilot was produced at Nickelodeon Studios in Orlando, which hasn't been shown to the public to this day.

Possibly the most notable difference is the fact that Mark David was replaced by an actor named Chris Dupre (Who is never seen on the series afterwards). Dad's Easychair and the carts also had different designs from what they would eventually be. The plot of this episode was reworked into episode 107 ("First Date"), with both songs from the pilot appearing in the final product.

The only actual video that is available to the public is 4 seconds in a SNICK promo. Aside from that, there is at least one press release with a still and a recording of the song "I Only Want to Be Me" is available on the Tumblr blog "F*ck Yeah, Roundhouse".[1]

Roundhouse in itself hasn't aired on Nickelodeon since 1999 (It's 20th birthday celebration), and whether or not they still own the broadcasting rights to the series is left in the dark. Since the launch of The '90s are All That, they have shown no signs of ever bringing episodes of Roundhouse to the table, making a possible telecast of this episode highly unlikely.


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