Saturday Night (lost explicit studio version of Ozomatli song; 2004)

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Ozomatli - Saturday Night.jpg

The single cover of "Saturday Night".

Status: Lost

Saturday Night is a song by the Californian Latin instrumental hip-hop group Ozomatli, taken from their 2004 album Street Signs. The song has been featured in various media, such as the video game Madden NFL 2005 and the 2013 film Turbo.

An explicit version of the song was available on the band's website [1] in 2005, but it has since been removed. The lines "Resist to change shit" and "Even hip-hop gets a fuckin' facelift" were not censored at all, whereas on the album version, the words "shit" and "fuckin'" are cut short and/or muted.

The clean album version of "Saturday Night" is easily findable online, but the "shit/fuckin" recording is presumed lost.

However, Ozomatli has performed the song live uncensored, albeit without the original studio vocals.