Sonic The Hedgehog (partially lost unused TV intro for animated series; 1993)

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Title card.

Status: Partially Lost

Sonic The Hedgehog was a television show produced by DIC Entertainment in 1993 based off the popular Sega franchise. To avoid confusion with other television shows starring the blue hedgehog, fans have dubbed this series as Sonic SatAM.

Early into the show's production, an intro sequence was made using the early designs of the Freedom Fighters featured in the show's pilot episode. By the time the series went to air, an entirely new intro sequence using updated designs of the characters and a new theme song had been produced.

The original intro was supposedly only ever shown at the 1993 Summer Consumer Electronics Show. The final ten seconds of it have been recorded and posted online in addition to scans of animation cels from the intro. Another person uploaded a 1 second rip of the last shot of the pilot, meaning they might have a rip of it. The original video has been deleted, but a phone recording does exist of it. The uploader of the original video has been contacted, but no response has been given. When Shout! Factory released the series onto DVD in 2007, a storyboard version of the original intro was included as bonus material. The remainder of the fully animated intro has yet to be found.

In 2006, the shows composer, Michael Tavera, shared a CD of conceptual demo music from the series with a fan who later uploaded it onto the internet. This CD featured several unused versions of the theme song. However, the music used in the video footage of the early animated intro appears to differ from any of the music included on that CD.


The final ten seconds of the fully animated intro.

Storyboards for the early intro of the animated show.

The reupload of the 1 second rip of the fully animation intro.