SpongeBob SquarePants "Behind Closed Doors" (partially found storyboard jam comic of Nickelodeon animated series; 2000s)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.

Behind Closed Doors.jpg

Storyboard jam cover (cropped).

Status: Partially Found

Behind Closed Doors (or by its longer title “Behind Closed Doors: Horrible, Filthy, Vile, Disgusting, Inappropriate, Off-Model Drawings by the Crew of a Popular Cartoon Show”) is an unreleased collection of pornographic drawings of SpongeBob characters made by various storyboard artists in the early 2000s.


During SpongeBob's production, storyboard artists would create crude drawings of the characters to relieve stress or amuse their coworkers.[1][2] One significant drawing was a storyboard drawing of the "Got Chocolate Milk" print ad, where the milk is replaced by Patrick’s semen. The series of drawings were then compiled into a book only given to employees who worked on the show. The book was never mentioned until 2012 by Osborne in a Hogan Alley article about the history of SpongeBob, stating:

"At the end of the season, all the storyboard artists would do these hilarious, crude drawings of SpongeBob on Post-It notes just to make everyone else laugh. And these drawings would go on the back of the door because if the door was open no one would see them. Sam Henderson took all of these Post-Its and made them into a book and gave a copy to everybody. The name of the book was Behind Closed Doors. He didn't want to put everyone's names in case it fell into the wrong hands, so he made anagrams of everyone's name and put them on the back of the book. They were hilarious. The anagram for me was Tek Bonerson. To this day, when I see Tom Kenny, he lights up and says, "Tek!""[3]


In the years after Osborne’s mention, it became a legend in the community, due to the mysterious nature of the book and what Osborne meant by “Hilarious, Crude Drawings”.

On July 2023, lost media YouTuber, LSuperSonicQ got an email from an old anonymous employee who worked on the show with the title “Adult SpongeBob —- I have something better than the “swear” tapes.” The ex-employee explains that he had one of the original copies of the book. They then showed the title of the book and six images depicting the characters in sexual matter. The employee also states that there were 1940 war imagery and depictions of SpongeBob characters harming themselves in the book. LSuperSonicQ then saved the images and uploaded them to the internet archive, with permission.

Even though pages of the book were found, The full book has yet to be fully scanned and uploaded. To this day, it's unknown if any other copies of the book still exist.


LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.

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