Stanley (found pitch pilot of Playhouse Disney animated series; 1999)

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Stanley titlecard.jpg

Title card for the final series.

Status: Found

Date found: 17 Aug 2021

Found by: Brad Rodriguez

Stanley was an animated television series aimed at preschoolers that aired on Playhouse Disney from 2001 to 2007. The series was created by Jim Jinkins (creator of Doug, and PB&J Otter) and David Campbell. Stanley discusses a wide variety of issues that preschool children face, including change, growth, rules, and dealing with others. Each episode centers on an animal that deals with or helps explain the issue Stanley is dealing with.[1]

In 1999, a pilot episode of the series was sent to Disney to see if it would make it to a full-fledged series. It never aired on TV, possibly due to Stanley's design being a bit too scary for young audiences.

The pilot was essentially an early version of "Kangaroo Clean-Up", and had some different scenes. Most of the pilot's elements were reused in an episode of the official series. Stanley's parents' room looks completely different, having a purple setting, and Harry looks completely different. Stanley's voice actress from the series, Jessica D. Stone, also voiced him in the pilot episode. Dennis' voice actor from the series, Charles Shaughnessy, also voiced him in the pilot episode. Stanley's mom was voiced by Julia Sweeny in the pilot instead of Ari Meyers, while Stanley's dad was voiced David Landsberg in both the pilot and the series. Harry's voice actor hasn't been identified as of now.


For years, only 4 screenshots and a short second of the pilot were known to exist in a video titled Playhouse Disney Weird Singing Promo uploaded to YouTube by the user Wilfredo Ferrer.

On March 2021, Youtube user, Wubber, found some clips of the pilot from a reupload of the "Weird Singing" promo. Then, on July 8th of 2021, he found the same clips in higher quality from a DVD opening video for "Rolie Polie Olie: The Great Defender of Fun".

On August 17th, 2021 user “Stinko Rama” uploaded the full pilot to YouTube which turned out to be an animatic with a one-minute animation test. The user worked on the final show and happened to find the pilot under their staircase.




The pitch pilot.

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