Station Zero (partially found animated series; 1999)

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Station Zero Cast.jpeg

The main characters of Station Zero.

Status: Partially Found

Station Zero is an American daily adult animated television series that aired on MTV for one season in 1999, airing at 6:30 pm.[1]


The plot followed a group of four teens who ran a fictional public-access television show called Live from the Bronx, where they watched hip hop videos and critiqued them in a similar manner as Beavis and Butt-head. It was based on A View From Da' Unda'Ground, a comic strip from the same team which ran in The Source from 1991–1994.[2]


In the United Kingdom, the show aired on MTV Base in 1999, being among the first shows to air on the newly created network.[3]


The show was eventually canceled after only one season of twenty episodes. While it was primarily canceled for it's lower ratings, it's speculated that it was because the producers and writers knew of this show's quick demise because of low ratings, and the animated cast walks off into the sunset in the finale.[4]

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
01 Pilot (1 | 2) Found
02 Balls-O-Meter (1 | 2) Found
03 Uptown, Baby (1 | (2) Found
04 Old-School Thursday Partially Found
05 Episode 5 Lost
06 Episode 6 Lost
07 Episode 7 Lost
08 Episode 8 Lost
09 Episode 9 Lost
10 Episode 10 Lost
11 Episode 11 Lost
12 Episode 12 Lost
13 Episode 13 Lost
14 Episode 14 Lost
15 Episode 15 Lost
16 Episode 16 Lost
17 Episode 17 Lost
18 Episode 18 Partially Found
19 Episode 19 Lost
20 Episode 20 Lost