Tales in Mushroom Village (partially found Chinese animated series; 2009-2010)

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Tales in Mushroom Village (蘑菇村的故事) is a 2009 Chinese computer animated series produced by Hefei-based Anhui Lister 3D Animation Production Company. It chronicles the lives of anthropomorphic animal characters who live in the titular setting. The protagonist is a squirrel named Naonao who moves into the town and familiarizes with its citizens. He and his friends thwart against a nuisance skunk as well as a terrifying giant python. According to an online encyclopedia, it had 100 episodes running 20 minutes each.

In 2010, it had a sequel series with the subtitle "Alien Visitors", where the villagers fight to save their home from an extraterrestrial threat. It reportedly had 10 episodes running 20 minutes each.

It is not clear which network in China broadcast the series. A news article mentioned a United Arab Emirates network that acquired broadcast rights for the series.[1] Yixiang Music Studio composed and recorded the series' soundtrack.[2] The series had been promoted on the Chinese licensing site KoWe International (defunct).


Ten out of one hundred episodes are only known to be on home video through a two-disc DVD set with Chinese and English subtitles. None of the Alien Visitors episodes are known to have circulated on home video or on the internet. Information on the show is extremely scarce, extending into the lack of episode lists on the internet. Both series have their trailers posted on the video site Youku; they have been reposted on YouTube. The production company is likely out of business because its business license has been revoked and its website no longer exists.


Tales in Mushroom Village - Trailer

Tales in Mushroom Village II: Alien Visitors - Trailer

蘑菇村的故事/Tales from Mushroom Village A

T蘑菇村的故事/Tales from Mushroom Village B

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