The Nick at Nite Holiday Special (found musical comedy Christmas special; 2003)

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Nick at nite holiday special.jpeg

Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 01 Aug 2021

Found by: Gary Tellalian

The Nick at Nite Holiday Special is a Christmas musical comedy special that aired on Nickelodeon's sister channel Nick at Nite multiple times during the 2003 holiday season. The special was made to pay homage to older Christmas specials from around the 1950s-1970s. It starred Martin Mull, Jackee Harry, Joyce DeWitt, John Schneider, French Stewart, Clay Aiken, Ted Danson, Al Roker, and Raven-Symone.


"This one-hour programming event takes viewers to the "The Nick at Nite Lodge" as celebrity guests find their way there and meet up with the Lodge staff after the Big Blizzard of 2003 leaves them stranded at the airport. Hoping to get a room for the night, these stars come together and celebrate the holidays."[1]


The special never aired again after the 2003 Christmas season ended. For a while, the only footage of it came from the Clay Aikens and Bring Crosby duet on "Little Drummer Boy" and "Peace on Earth" uploaded to YouTube in 2007.

In 2014 a blog post on the Clay Aikens News Network website mentioned his involvement in the special and mentioned that the duet was a recreation of Crosby's 1977 performance with David Bowe (with 1962 stock footage of Crosby used in his place).[2]

On August 1st, 2021, one of the producers for the special Gary Tellalian found and uploaded the full special to his Vimeo account.




The Clay Aikens and Bring Crosby duet.

A promo for the special.

The full special.

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