The Popcorn Kid (found CBS sitcom; 1987)

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The show's title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 2010s

Found by: The Visual Wasteland, and "mantronix4ever"

The Popcorn Kid was a short-lived sitcom created by Barry Kemp. It aired from March 23rd to April 24th, 1987, in an 8:30 PM Eastern/Pacific slot on the CBS network, and centered around Scott Creasman (Bruce Norris), a high school student who dreams of becoming a big movie star while being stuck serving popcorn at the Kansas City Majestic Theater.[1]

Despite the show being well received by critics, few people actually watched it and, as a result, the show was cancelled after barely a month on the air and fell into obscurity, receiving no home release and little notoriety in general.


While the show received no official release, all six episodes have been uploaded to YouTube, originally by The Visual Wasteland (episodes 1-4 and 6) and "mantronix4ever" (episodes 2 and 5).


Episode 2 (part 1).

Episode 2 (part 2).

Episode 5 (part 1).

Episode 5 (part 2).


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