The Slayers (lost Fox Kids version of anime series; 2001)

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The cover of Central Park Media's DVD collection.

Status: Lost

The Slayers (sometimes referred to as simply Slayers; at the time Fox Kids acquired the show, all official North American releases still said The Slayers) was an anime series, based off the light novels by Hajime Kanzaka, which premiered in 1995 in Japan. The series was dubbed into English by Enoki Films and released by Central Park Media on home video between the years of 1996 and 1998.

In 2001, the Fox Kids block in America acquired the rights to The Slayers; they outbid Cartoon Network, who were also interested in the series and would have likely broadcast it on Toonami. At the time this acquisition happened, Central Park Media clarified to the news site Anime News Network that they weren't involved in Fox Kids' handling of the series at all, though the same English dub was planned to be used.[1]

In an interview at the Anime Central convention with Lisa Oritz (the English voice of the protagonist), she confirmed that she had been called back in to re-record several lines for an edited broadcast of The Slayers on "one of the Fox networks." Lines were edited for references to violence and some sexual innuendo; one specific example that Oritz cited was the changing of 'crimson blood that flows' to 'crimson river that flows' in Lina's Dragon Slave spell.[2]

It is unknown how many episodes were redubbed/edited for a Fox Kids broadcast; however, the plans to broadcast The Slayers on Fox Kids were eventually scrapped. The show reappeared with rumors of an ABC Family broadcast in 2002; however, this broadcast also never came to be. The Slayers was eventually broadcast on The Anime Network, Colours TV, FUNimation Channel, and International Channel in both its original uncut English and Japanese versions.

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