The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (partially found deleted scenes of film based on Nickelodeon animated series; 2004)

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Sbmovie title.jpg

The title card seen in the film.

Status: Partially Found

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie is an animated adventure comedy film based on the Nickelodeon TV series of the same name. The film premiered in theaters on November 19, 2004.

The film was a success at the box office, but the final product had several scenes cut or changed during production, some of which have not resurfaced since.

List of Deleted Scenes

No Cheese!

Status: Found

There are two deleted scenes in this part of the film. The first is when Mr. Krabs has a conversation with SpongeBob explaining what happened to the customer Phil. In an early version of the film, SpongeBob would've replied with "So what went wrong?" but this was cut from the final film.

The other scene is when SpongeBob meets Phil and places cheese on his Krabby Patty. In the final film, it shows zoomed-in shots of the cheese and SpongeBob, but in an early version of the film, there is a zoomed-out scene of the cheese being placed and the bun being closed.

Both scenes are available in an early trailer for the film's media release and are relatively short. The first scene is also in the video game adaptation of the film.

The trailer with both scenes.

Audio from the first deleted scene featured in the game adaptation (0:43).

Sandy Cheeks Scenes

Status: Partially Lost

Sandy Cheeks has a small role in the final film, appearing as mentions and cameos. Initially, however, Sandy would have had full scenes where she would be above the surface and talk to SpongeBob.

The first scene would have been at the beginning of the film when SpongeBob exits his house. Sandy would have ambushed him and torn him apart, after which he recovers and she'd tell him that she was going to take a bus to the surface to meet a squirrel doctor, hence why she was at a bus stop.

The second scene would have been after SpongeBob and Patrick escape Shell City. They would have ran into the realistic version of Sandy (appearing as a real squirrel), which causes Patrick to throw up. She explains to them that she's getting pursued by squirrel exterminators and that there are buses that arrive in Shell City and the Bikini Bottom, before ambushing the exterminators and running away.

The second scene can be found in an unfinished animatic which is available on the DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the film as a bonus feature. The first scene however is only available in storyboard panel form, and it is unknown if these scenes ever made it out to this stage.

The second deleted scene.

Calendar Scene

Status: Lost

In the scene following SpongeBob and Patrick's "becoming men", SpongeBob would have shown Patrick a calendar indicating how long they have left until Krabs gets fried by Neptune.

Footage from the scene has not resurfaced in any way, but a still from the scene has been reused countless times as promotional material, and on social media.[1] The origins of the still date back to the leaking of information regarding the film posted to the now-defunct website RopeOfSilicon from October 2004.[2]

The scene also has a part in the novelization of the film. On page 103, the page indicates that SpongeBob pulls out the calendar from his pocket and rips off the front page, before telling Patrick that he's sorry about the calendar before pointing to the date. They celebrate the fact they have one more day to spare for Shell City.[3]

David Hasselhoff Jump Scene

Status: Partially Found

In the initial trailer for the film, David can be seen jumping out of the water similarly to a dolphin, which is not present in the final film nor has been featured in any bonus features. The clip featured in the trailer is also not the complete scene and only a portion.

Trailer with part of the deleted scene (2:10).

Patchy and Potty Segments

Status: Partially Found

Originally, the film was planned to have Patchy and Potty appear as segments rather than a group of pirates, however, film higher-ups did not approve of the decision due to them appearing as low-production-value characters.[4]

Scenes featuring Patchy and Potty are available in a rough storyboard for the film, but real test footage or production material for these scenes have not resurfaced in any way.

Original Manager Ending Scene

Status: Lost

Originally, Krabs was going to present SpongeBob the manager hat to him in his room and while he was in bed. This was later changed to be inside of the Krusty Krab due to it being more logical. This was not known until Sherm Cohen released the storyboard panel for the original scene onto Tumblr and DeviantArt.[5]

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