The Sporting Gang - นักสู้วัยซน (partially found Thailand animated series; 2005-2006)

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The Sporting Gang.jpg

The Sporting Gang intro card showing the main cast.

Status: Partially Found

The Sporting Gang or นักสู้วัยซน (pronounced Nạk s̄ū̂ wạy sn) is a Thai CGI animated show that aired on Channel 7 Thailand from July 2005 to January 2006. Throughout its run, the show had each episode air every Wednesday at 7:00 PM ICT (Indochina Time) with a total of 24 episodes.


Due to the show's obscurity, not much else is known about the show. There is no information about the show's plot or any of the episodes. The episode list for the show cannot be found online. It is unknown if there were any reruns of the show that aired after its original run. Typing the name of the show in its native Thai language (นักสู้วัยซน) on Google Images will contain a thumbnail picture from the show that when selected and clicked on, will redirect to a YouTube video of the show's opening intro. The remaining photos on the Google Images search mostly contain photos of Japanese anime and manga. Some of which are in the Thai language. Typing the name of the show in its native Thai language (นักสู้วัยซน) on Google Translate from Thai to English will translate the show's title to "Naughty Fighters". The only known footage of the show and the only known sources of the show's existence are two YouTube videos of the show's opening intro. One was uploaded by YouTuber tunq on March 27th, 2006, about two months after the show's original run ended. The second one was uploaded by YouTuber Es 7DDT on September 11th, 2009, which is slightly higher in quality. Other than the show's opening intro, there is no other footage or any screenshots of the show's episodes online.


The Sporting Gang opening intro uploaded by YouTuber tunq.
The Sporting Gang opening intro uploaded by YouTuber Es 7DDT.