Tomodachi Life: Lessons in Space (partially found promotional shorts for Nintendo 3DS video on demand service; 2013-2014)

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Tomodachi Life- Lessons from Space.jpg

The logo for the shorts.

Status: Partially Found

Tomodachi Life is a social simulation video game developed by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game received mixed reception; it was praised for its charm and gameplay but was criticized for simplistic minigames and lack of general user control. Though, during its release, a live-action short series was made to promote the game.

Background and Plot

From 2013-2014, Nintendo created a live-action short series called Tomodachi Life: Lessons in Space. The series was created for Nintendo Video, a video-on-demand service used to promote the 3DS eShop. The series was about two aliens, Captain Noobar and Science Officer Pookin, who had come to take over the Earth, but they used Tomodachi Life as a source for what humans do on Earth. [1][2]


The series ran for 8 episodes before Nintendo discontinued Nintendo Video in 2015 and made most of the videos that were available on the service, unviewable on the eShop. However, in May 2023, two out of the eight episodes were found by YouTuber, The Hourglass Archive. Though, discord user, PKMNMASTERCLARA states that the remaining six were said to be fully completed but weren't on the Nintendo E-Shop. Out of the 2 episodes that were found, it's unknown if the remaining episodes were either released and then deleted from the E-Shop before it shut down or never released at all.

Episode Lists

# Title Status
1 Friendship Found
2 Combat Found
3 Unknown Lost
4 Unknown Lost
5 Unknown Lost
6 Unknown Lost
7 Unknown Lost
8 Unknown Lost