Toy Story "Black Friday Reel" (partially found rough cut of Pixar animated film; 1993)

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Toy Story BF.PNG

A still from the infamous "Black Friday Reel" rough cut.

Status: Partially Found

Toy Story is a 1995 American computer-animated film that was Pixar's first feature-length film, the first all-computer-animated film, and the film that ultimately started the trend of computer-animated films today. It has been highly regarded as one of the best-animated films ever, lauded for its presentation and innovation.

When Disney started working with Pixar on the project, they wanted the movie to be targeted for adults and to be released via their Touchstone Company label. This early version dubbed the "Black Friday Reel", was notably a lot more cynical, crude, and dark than the final product.[1] Due to a lack of information shared on this original version, it is unknown how far it went into development before being fully re-written; however, it is known that this version was full-out storyboarded and scripted. When Disney executives looked at the final product, they were less than enthused and the screening was poorly received overall. The incident sparked Roy Disney to ask John Lasseter (Pixar's founder) "You seriously listened to us?."

The original adult version was scrapped in exchange for the film that is known today.

Known Clips

The most footage seen from the "Black Friday Reel" is a two-minute sample from the 2010 Toy Story Blu-Ray special feature "Black Friday: The Toy Story You Never Saw." It's an alternate version of a scene from the finished film where Woody tries to push Buzz behind the desk so that Andy will take him to Pizza Planet instead of Buzz. The biggest difference in this version is that instead of Woody accidentally tossing Buzz out the window; he does so on purpose.

A very small handful of pictures from the storyboard has been revealed via a "Making of" documentary.

A tiny clip from this version can also be seen in the 2007 documentary The Pixar Story, which features Woody saying "You're all acting like you've never seen a new toy before! Get a grip, okay?" to the toys during the scene where Woody encounters the new Buzz Lightyear toy Andy got on his birthday.

Beyond these clips, Pixar possibly remains too humiliated by it to let it come to light.



Short documentary from the Toy Story Special Edition Blu-Ray and DVD discussing the changes Disney wanted to be made and the infamous "Black Friday Reel."

Segment from "The Pixar Story", which showcases an additional clip from the "Black Friday Reel".


Stay Up Late Productions' video on the subject.

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