Twitch Plays Pokémon (partially found footage of Let's Play channel; 2014)

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Status: Partially Found

Twitch Plays Pokémon is an ongoing "social experiment" that is run by an anonymous Australian programmer on The stream has spawned a cult-like following since its beginning on February 12th, 2014 with the highest viewership count being 120,000 at once and reaching a total of over 30 million.[1]

Despite its popularity, the first day and a half of the stream was not recorded by anyone. The recording of the stream did not start until 1 day 11 hours 25 minutes and 48 seconds into the game after a commenter asked the streamer to archive it.[2][3] This left the capture of important early characters lost. Thus, this period is known in the TwitchPlaysPokemon community as: The Lost Days. Since Twitch had deleted most archived streams, it's very unlikely that significant footage from this period will ever be found. There are chat logs available that begin at 1d 7h 48m 18s.[4][5]

It's currently unknown what exactly happened before the first screenshot of Day 1 at approximately ~0d 9h 37m ??s. Several people have attempted to use various early screenshots and forum/image board posts to recreate a timeline of approximately what happened in the first 35 hours, however, exact events are unknown.[6][4][7]

5 Screenshots of Day 1 have been documented. There are also 4 Videos, 15 Screenshots, and 5 (potentially 6) GIFs from the lost 35 hours that have been found.

Contact and Leads

Several Twitch accounts from the Day 1 screenshots as well as members of the GBATemp forums thread have been contacted for any information. No media has been received as of 15 Mar '23. There is also a GameFAQs, two Reddit, and a Something Awful thread however they were posted on Day 2 and have not yet been contacted. 4Chan Archives from Day 1 do exist[4], however since they are anonymous it is impossible to contact them.

User Desparae from Day 1 has been contacted and his testimony can be found here. He was unable to provide any screenshots, but did give some new information about what happened in the ~5 hours he was present. He also said that two users: Undeadlibrary and Anon_agon (Twitch handles) were the two most active players and were there for almost the whole early game. These are the two biggest leads right now. Undeadlibrary's twitch has been inactive for years and twitter for ~3 years with only one reply tweet. Anon_agon's twitch seems to be deleted, and a twitter seems to have been found (located from an old youtube channel linked to the twitch account). Both have been contacted.

User Speci4lEffx from Day 1 has been contacted and has said that he may have screenshots and is currently looking for them. He also mentioned that another user, Sir_belvedere, may have information as well.


Screenshots from Day 1

NOTE: Timestamps are approximate.[8]

Videos from Day 2

1d 7h 14m 2s - 1d 7h 20m 16s; 1d 7h 10m 48s - 1d 7h 12m 2s
1d 7h 14m 2s - 1d 8h 28m 47s (Various)
1d 8h 23m 5s - 1d 8h 28m 53s
1d 10h 57m 41s - ~1d 10h 58m 12s

Screenshots from Day 2

GIFs from Day 2

Possibly between 1d 9h 50m ??s - 1d 10h 2m ??s[4]

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