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Proflie picture, done in July 2020 by a now-inactive user

Status: Active

An animation and gaming enthusiast, that's all you really need to know.

Contact info: @_funtastic.tendo_ on Instagram, and @tendofun on Twitter

Created articles

Number Title Date of release Notes
1 Bone (cancelled film adaptations of Jeff Smith comic series; 1998 - 2000, 2008 - 2016) 18 July, 2020 The cancelled animated film adaptations of Jeff Smith's cult classic series (and my personal favorite work of fiction) Bone from the attempts of Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures. Notable for being the person who found concept art for the fomrmer version that was previously unknown to exist and became lost for 20 years.
2 Banjo-Kazooie (partially found concept art from unproduced animated TV series; 2007) 18 July, 2020 Going over the scrapped Banjo-Kazooie animated series that was intended to release in 2008 alongside Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts.
3 The Legend of Spyro 3D (unproduced CGI animated film of "Spyro the Dragon" video game series; late 2000s) 19 July, 2020 The cancelled late 2000s Universal film adapation of Spyro the Dragon, more or so it's reboot The Legend of Spyro.
4 Hilda (found animation test of Netflix animated series; 2014) 5 Feburary, 2021 Discussing another personal favorite of mine, Luke Pearson's Hilda, this time about it's recently found animation test from 2014.
5 Klonoa (cancelled film adaptation of Namco video game series; 2016-2019) 7 February, 2021 Bandai Namco's dormant gem Klonoa, and how the series nearly returned in the 2010s via an animated film from Henshin.
6 Mutts (cancelled film adaptation of Patrick McDonnell comic strip; 2010s) 12 February, 2021 Following Blue Sky's demise, I decided to create an article based around one of their sheleved animations. The result? Mutts, based on the comic strip by Patrick McDonnell. Also possibly of note for being the first person to know about the test animation demo and make it aware to the public.
7 Super Monkey Ball: Banana Crazy (cancelled GameCube sequel; 2002-2004) 12 February, 2022 After a year hiatus, I've returned, this time with an article based on the cancelled third game in Sega's Super Monkey Ball series and the ambiguous mystery surrounding it.
8 De Blob (lost production material of cancelled animated series based on THQ video game series; 2010) 10 October, 2022 I came back. de Blob came to mind, and the animated series that never was.
9 De Blob Online (cancelled multiplayer online game; early 2010s) 10 October, 2022 I came back. de Blob came to mind, and the multiplayer game that never was.

Planned articles

Number Title About
1 Rayman 4 (unreleased 3D platformer sequel of “Rayman” series; mid-2000s) Detailing the unreleased Rayman 4 by Phoenix Studio and published by Ubisoft, which was replaced by Rayman Raving Rabbids in 2006 instead.
2 Crash Twinsanity (unreleased Gamecube port of 3D platformer; 2004) What if it was told...Crash Twinsanity nearly released on the Nintendo Gamecube?