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Created articles

Advertising/Interstitial Material




Internet Media

Recordings of Real Incidents



Live Action

Animation/Live Action

Video Games


Articles to be created soon

  • Ciscorn Ōji (lost Japanese-American stop-motion animated series; 1963-1964)
  • Dōbutsu Mura Monogatari (partially found anime series; 1970)
  • Hi-Ten Bomberman (lost build of action-maze game used for the event; 1993)
  • Plus-e (lost contents for Japanese multimedia system; 2003)
  • Prin Prin Monogatari (partially lost Japanese puppet TV series; 1979-1982)
  • Run Hodori (partially found Korean animated series; 1987)
  • Shancara: Inbō no Wakusei (lost early build of Famicom simulation game; 1989)
  • Suidō Kōji (lost early build of Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen; 1990)
  • Tower of the Sun "Underground Sun" (partially lost artwork by Tarō Okamoto; 1970)
  • "Tsukemonoya" (lost Japanese commercials reporting the deaths of performer; existence unconfirmed; 1980s)
  • Twinkle Popo (lost early build of Kirby's Dreamland; 1991)
  • Undercover Cops (lost build of cancelled Famicom Roll-playing game based on the arcade Beat'em up game; 1993)
  • The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz (partially found anime series; 1992-1993)

Uncreated articles

  • Alien 2 (found build of Famicom Disk System platformer based on the film of the same name; 1987)
  • Cosmic System (lost build of cancelled Famicom Disk System game; 1987)
  • Dotanba no Manner (lost TV anime series; 1984-1987)
  • Fighting Polygon/FX Fighter (lost build of cancelled Super Famicom fighting game; 1995)
  • Futati Daka (lost TV anime series; 1984-1985)
  • Gegege no Kitarō: Yōkai JAPAN Rally 3D (lost anime short film; 2008)
  • Gekiga SEX Hibun (lost japanese adult animated film; 1973)
  • Gensan no Quiz Triathlon (lost build of cancelled Famicom quiz game; 1993)
  • Hagiya Orthopedic Surgery (pertially found Japanese orthopedic surgery commercials; 1970s-2000s)
  • Happily Ever After (found build of NES platformer based on the animated fantasy film; 1991)
  • Kindaichi Shōnen no Gyūnyū Research ()
  • Megumi Rescue (found build of cancelled arcade game; 1987)
  • Oba Q Tanjō (lost recording of stage show based on Obake no Q-Tarō; 1966)
  • Okāsan to Issho (partially lost of Japanese children TV show; early 1960s)
  • Palps (lost build of cancelled Famicom Disk System game; 1986)
  • Poppers/Popil (lost build of cancelled Super Famicom platformer; 1990)
  • Romper Room (lost Japanese children TV show; 1963-1979)
  • Sakamoto Ryoma (lost build of cancelled Famicom role-playing game; 1988)
  • Street Hero (found build of cancelled US localization of Korean NES fighting game; 1993)
  • Tetris (found build of cancelled Sega Mega Drive port of arcade game; 1988)
  • Titan Warriors
  • Undercover Cops
  • Yūge Mae (lost first Japanese TV series; 1940)