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An accurate representation of my brain.

Status: I'm aight

Hello there!

I'm Pinka. A fellow lost media enthusiast and amateur detective. I'm an unabashed nerd who loves animation, video games, books, and of course, Lost Media. Hopefully, I'll be able to properly contribute to this Wiki!

Pages I've Created

(In Chronological Order) Category Notes
Emerald Island (lost environmental massively multiplayer online game; 2008-2009) Lost Video Games 1st article!
The Last Unicorn (partially found production materials from unmade film adaptation of Peter S. Beagle fantasy novel; 2005-2015) Lost Films N/A
The Dark Crystal (partially found high-quality version of workprint/director's cut of puppet fantasy film; early 1980s) Lost Puppetry/Lost Films N/A
The Power of The Dark Crystal (partially lost production materials from canceled sequel to "The Dark Crystal" fantasy film; 1982-2014) Lost Puppetry/Lost Films N/A
Frozen (partially found early drafts of Disney animated film; 1937-2012) Lost Animation Was featured on the front page: Januarary 29th 2021 - April 12th 2021
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV (lost production material of unproduced "TMNT" sequel film; 1995-1997) Lost Films N/A
Creature From The Black Lagoon (lost production material of various unmade remakes/reboots of horror film franchise; 1982-2018) Lost Films N/A
Muppets In Space (lost early drafts of "Muppets From Space" sci-fi family film; 1999) Lost Puppetry/Lost Films N/A
Spirit: Stallion Of The Cimarron (lost early draft of Dreamworks animated film; early 2000s) Lost Animation N/A

Most Wanted Lost Media

Pages I Might Write

  • Curious George (lost live-action early drafts/production materials of children's book adaptation; 1990-2001)
  • Fraggle Rock (canceled film adaptation of Jim Henson puppet franchise; 2005-2020)
  • Go For A Punch/Saki Sanobashi (lost "deep web" horror anime; existence unconfirmed)
  • Heroes And Monsters (lost Israeli CGI animated fantasy film; dates unknown)
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet (lost production materials from canceled Jim Carrey remake of live-action/animated comedy film; 1996-1999)
  • The Lorax (lost early treatment of Illumination Dr. Seuss adaptation; 2012)
  • Monkeys Of Mumbai (canceled Dreamworks animated musical film; 2017)
  • SplashKittyArtist (lost deleted videos of YouTube animator; 2009-2016)
  • Through My Own Eyes (partially found studio recording of "Liberty's Kids" theme song; existence unconfirmed)
  • Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket (lost NSFW Disney pencil test; late 1950s-early 1960s)
  • What's New, Scooby-Doo? (partially found unreleased songs from animated TV series; 2002-2006)