Yo Gabba Gabba! (partially lost pilots/test demo of live-action/puppet musical TV series; early 2000s/2006)

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Yo gabba gabba pilot logo.png

The pilot version of the series logo.

Status: Partially Lost

Yo Gabba Gabba! was a live-action/puppet musical series that ran on Nick Jr. from 2007 to 2015.[1] The series consists of the musician DJ Lance Rock and five costumed characters (Muno, Plex, Foofa, Toodee, and Brobee) as toys that come to life when placed in a multi-colored landscape. They appear in many segments and musical numbers of each episode.


The series had two pilots developed in 2006. All the characters (minus Brobee) had slightly different looks from the final show: Foofa had a bulkier costume design, Plex had a blue antenna instead of a red one, Muno had slightly sharper teeth, and Toodee had glossier eyes. Additionally, Julius the Monkey appears in "Short Story" while dancing with the other characters, even though he is nowhere to be seen in the final show.

Test Demo

In the early 2000s a low budget test demo was made titled Yo Gabba. The demo consisted of three characters, two created by the American rock band The Aquabats; The Cyclopsis (who became Muno) and Weedy the Broccoli Bee (who became Brobee) and an unnamed grey robot (who presumably became Plex albeit the color change).


One pilot, titled "Short Story", was uploaded in two parts on December 19th, 2020 by Vimeo user RayStarKitty. The other pilot, "Play," was uploaded on February 15th, 2021, but was taken down a month later with only 1 surviving segment from it titled La La Doodles!! that was originally uploaded onto YouTube by krisboban in 2007. The demo was found later that year and uploaded onto Vimeo by user Atomic Toybox.




The pilot's version of the show's theme song.
Julius The Monkey in "Short Story."
The La La Doodles!! segment from "Play."
The test demo.

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