Zak Tales (partially found live-action/puppetry TV series; 1990)

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A picture of main character Zak

Status: Partially Found

Zak Tales was a live-action/puppetry TV series aimed at preschoolers produced and distributed by DiC Entertainment (now formed into DHX Media).[1][2] It aired in syndication on CBN in 1990.[3]


The series follows Zak, the wacky Mayor of Fun Town, who, along with his sidekick Kilroy helps children and gives them advice on daily problems. Classic stories also appear in this show, consisting of adventures, jokes, songs and "rap poetry." [4]


The series lasted 13 half-hour episodes, all of which are completely lost. There isn't much of a presence online, as there is no footage of the show in English online, as well as little information that is floating around the internet. An image of the main character of the show, Zak, was found on the DHX Media website and 1 promo and a 6-minute clip in Arabic are online.

Episode List

# Episode Title Status
1 Richest Witch Lost
2 The Little Green Engine Lost
3 Greedy Humpty Dumpty Lost
4 Little Rabbit Lost
5 Space Race Lost
6 Yankee Doodle Lost
7 Fun at the Fair Lost
8 Joey and the Little Red Car Lost
9 Simple Simon Lost
10 George Peorgie Lost
11 Mickey Koala Lost
12 The Hot Air Balloon Lost
13 The Circus Is Here Lost


Spacetoon Arabia promo for the show.

Clip of the show in Arabic.

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