101% Spooky Whizbang! with Henry and June (partially found Nickelodeon Halloween block; 1999)

101% Spooky Whizbang! with Henry and June
Title card for the block.
Title card for the block.
Status Partially Found

101% Spooky Whizbang! with Henry and June was a Halloween block that aired on Nickelodeon from October 1st until November 1st, 1999. The block was hosted by Henry and June from Nick's own "KaBlam!". Mark Marek, creator of Henry and June, animated segments for the block.

Found shorts

In July 2012, YouTuber TheVHSkid76, uploaded commercials during the block. In doing so, he filmed a 15 second segment where Henry and June are at a basketball game. This also contained the commercial to the animated segments.

Lost shorts

  • Halloween Party: It is believed that this segment was where Henry and June were at a Halloween party. The segment shows Henry and June standing behind a party-goer who is dressed as a ghost with a banner above him saying "HAPPY HALLOWEEN."
  • Classroom: Only the first 3 seconds of this segment were found by JackIsCool TV. It shows Henry and June in a classroom at night for unknown reasons. June points at Henry, then explains the show the viewer is about to watch.


The Basketball game segment plus the commercial for all the segments.




22 days ago
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More lost kablam stuff? I thought we were finally done with that!

Anonymous user #1

16 days ago
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rip, lol


13 days ago
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Oh I've actually seen this when i was 5 but my dad never recorded it also we went trick or treating at that time sooooooo yeah..

Anonymous user #2

11 days ago
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oh boy, more lost kablam stuff to find. well, let's get going, i guess!
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