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This wiki is a community passion project where we detail and attempt to track down (at least, in most cases) pieces of lost or hard to find media; whether it be video, audio or otherwise (of either a fictional or non-fictional nature), if it's completely lost or simply inaccessible to the general public, it belongs here.

Breaking off from its original Wikia hosting, the site was moved to its own, independent host (the process of which was initiated in late 2014 and concluded in mid 2015) and has been steadily growing since its humble beginnings. We encourage any and all connoisseurs of obscure media to join in and contribute; the more the merrier. Happy searching!

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UPDATE 2.48! (Added 26 Oct 2016)

The Big Boss Part II poster
George Melies
Lost Media Chronicles Episode 31
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What's up guys, dycaite again with another handful of exciting updates; let's get straight into it!

Firstly, the highly sought after martial arts film The Big Boss Part II is reportedly getting a Blu-ray release! This news broke a couple of days ago at enlejemordersertilbage.blogspot.com and while it has not been independently verified, it certain sounds like it's legitimately happening (check the article for more info). Here's hoping!

Secondly, earlier this month, a copy of Georges Melies' 1904 short Match de Prestidigitation (aka Conjuring Contest) (a film thought to be lost forever) was discovered in a mislabelled container by the Czech national film archive! This is pretty massive news, as a large chunk of Melies' filmography is considered lost, so to see any of it recovered is quite extraordinary. No talk of any kind of international release at this point, though the film is to be shown alongside other piece of Melies' work at a number of Czech cinemas in the near future. Fingers crossed for an international release!*

*NOTE: I actually mentioned this discovery on the LMW Facebook page a couple of weeks back when the story broke, but had shamefully neglected to give it a mention in the notice board, so I figured better late than never.

Thirdly, Randy has released a new episode of the Lost Media Chronicles! This time he covers the infamous Max Headroom pirating incident (more specifically, the lost audio from the first broadcast). The opening monologue is brilliant (and yours truly gets name dropped), just... Watch it (above). NOW!

Well, the 20th of October has been and gone and yet still no word on the Marilyn Manson Antichrist Superstar 20th Anniversary Edition (which was set to contain his controversial short film Groupie. One can only assume that the release has been either pushed back or cancelled :( Hopefully we'll get some news on this soon.

And finally today I wanted to quickly bring up something that has been brought to my attention by several people. Some users have proposed that the Shoutbox be replaced with a more typical Chatbox (preferably one that integrates better with the site - no more multiple logins, etc.) Now, let me just be clear that this is still early days, the Shoutbox is here to stay for some time yet (regardless of the outcome), though I do want to gauge opinion on this matter, so I have set up a straw poll for it; please take a minute to vote, we'd really appreciate it.

That's gunna do it for today; until next time!


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