Agent Crush (partially found cancelled puppet spy film; 2008)

Agent Crush
Advertisement poster for the film.
Advertisement poster for the film.
Status Partially Found

Agent Crush is a cancelled marionette film that would have been directed by Sean Robinson. It was to star Ian Gruffudd, Brian Cox, Neve Campbell, Roger Moore, and Brian Blessed and would have been much in the same vein as the 1965 British series Thunderbirds by Gerry Anderson, even having former designer Mike Trim work on the movie.[1]


Initially intended for a 2008 release, and even after a theatrical trailer was released, the movie was cancelled for unknown reasons. The official website for the film has since disappeared; however, its production company Fantastic Films still has information pertaining to the movie on their website, confirming that the movie was finished.[2]

In a blog post from Wordpress user Mikecanex, director Sean Robinson commented that Agent Crush was a great experience for him and that he was trying as hard as he could to get it released. In the same blog post, Clive Banks, who claimed to be an investor for the movie, said that the movie was poorly managed, and that Robinson "eventually sold the investors down the river by taking expensive loan financing rather than engaging properly with shareholders". He went on to state that the movie has been newly incorporated in the Companies house. Banks' identity has not been confirmed.[3]


Aside from the trailer, and despite efforts from the director to release it, the film has not been released in any form.


Trailer for the film.


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That's why we want to see it


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