Clue - fourth ending (lost footage of film; 1985)

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Clue (fourth ending)
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Advertisement poster for the film.
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The 1985 film Clue is famous for having three different endings, with one shown in different theaters during its theatrical release; some theaters would announce which ending would be shown. While the three endings were released on VHS and DVD, there is a fourth ending that has yet to be seen in any cinematic form.

The fansite Cluedo Fan gives a description of the fourth ending; it would have revealed Wadsworth to have been the killer, and that he had poisoned the other character's champagne. The elderly evangelist would appear once more and wrestle with Wadsworth, before the police arrived. After telling some of the story to the police, Wadsworth escapes and drives away. He would then hear the German Shepherd growl from the back, before the film faded to black.[1]

The ending was scripted and filmed, though for some unknown reason, it has never been shown to the public. Interestingly, it is in the novelization and the "Movie Storybook", which is said to have actual screencaps from the fourth ending [2]. It is also rumored that the fourth ending did air on occasional TV showings, but this has yet to be proven.


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4 months ago
Score 0++
Sounds interesting-loved the 3rd ending (AKA the real ending) to this. I do remember reading that they scraped this idea because it would of taken too long.

Anonymous user #1

1 months ago
Score 0++
I'm almost positive that I have seen this ending on TBS back when it was called Superstation.


5 days ago
Score 0++
I watched it too

Anonymous user #2

4 days ago
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This is one of my favorite movies- I'd love to see a fourth ending.
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