D'Myna Leagues (lost second season of Canadian animated series, 2002-unknown)

D'Myna Leagues (second season)
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The show's logo.
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D'Myna Leagues was a Canadian animated series that premiered in September 2000 on YTV. The series revolved around a baseball team of birds known as the Mynas, who are frequently sabotaged by a fat cat named Radcliffe, who wants to demolish their baseball stadium and make it into an amusement park.

The first season of the show is widely available online, and has also been partially released on DVD and Amazon Video.

A second season was formally announced and believed to have aired on YTV in 2002, though it is unknown from what dates the series was aired. (IMDb lists the series as having ended in 2003, while TV.com lists some of the last season 2 episodes as having aired in 2005.)

No recordings of this second season have been found, nor have any of the episodes been released on home video, leading some to doubt that the second season was ever aired.

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2 months ago
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The Canadian government requires all Canadian TV channels to send in their schedules so they can verify Canadian content quotas have been met. Here's the link for this database: ftp://support.crtc.gc.ca/logs/ Check that to verify broadcast dates.

You might have luck requesting Nelvana upload the show onto this YouTube channel: https://www....g/discussion That's where they dump a lot of their older library shows.
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