Kinetophone (partially found first sound recordings; 1894-1912)

Kinetophone Sound Recordings
Status Partially Found

The Kinetophone, developed by Thomas Edison, was a combination of the Kinetoscope and the phonograph that was used to create some of the first recordings with sound.

Many samples of recordings made with the device have been found, but due to how old, damaged, and rare the components to repair them are, only a few have currently been restored. Restored recordings can be found below.


Footage without sound (1894- 1895)
Footage with sound (1894-1895)
Footage with sound (1912)



Anonymous user #1

18 months ago
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It was stuff like this, that I found and researched independently in my cinematography class in high school too many years ago now, that got me interested in lost film. It's only a blessing someone's made a Wiki for it these past few years. :)


15 months ago
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Though many samples have been found, only two of them have the audio found and repaired, due to the rarity of the wax cylinders used to record the sound on. do we have links to the others i only see 3

Anonymous user #2

6 months ago
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Can they not make some?
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