Looney Tunes: By A Hare (cancelled arcade game; 1993)

Looney Tunes: By A Hare
A screenshot of the game.
A screenshot of the game.
Status Lost

Looney Tunes: By A Hare is an arcade game developed by SEGA in 1993 featuring Looney Tunes characters. It was shown at the 1993 JAMMA Arcade Show in Japan and reportedly hasn't been seen since. The gameplay looks to be a side-scrolling racing game. No ROM or footage has been found, and only a few screenshots exist.





10 days ago
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I probably would've played the hell out of this game if it came out


9 days ago
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Hooooly crap I remember seeing this screens in one of my old gaming magazines. This is a game I forgot about


7 days ago
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Snapshot the article with the game screening on it. A lot of us would love to see this

Anonymous user #1

1 days 20 hours 56 minutes ago
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Yeah, don't be such a scummbag like that "mynameismeh" ass.


1 days 20 hours 37 minutes ago
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wat the hell did i do
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