Marvel Comics Young Allies Vol 2 Issue 7 (unreleased comic book)

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Young Allies Vol 2 Issue 7
Cover of the issue.
Cover of the issue.
Status Lost

In 2010, Marvel Comics started a series called Young Allies which centered around a team of teenage super heroes. The series went on for six issues and was going to have a seventh and, in fact, the issue was already solicited, but it was never released due to Marvel canceling the series on account of its poor sales.

All that remains of issue seven is it's cover and the solicitation, which was:

  • They were friends. Soldiers. Brothers. Now they're enemies. Toro's past has finally caught up with him in the form of EL DRAGÓN. And nothing--not even the Young Allies--will stand in his way!

The only other know information about the comic is that it would have been written by Sean McKeever and penciled by David Baldeon. Additionally, Humberto Ramos did the cover and, had it released, it would have been 32 pages long and sold for $2.99. It's unknown if any parts of the actual comic had been written or drawn by the time of its cancellation.



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