Super Why! (lost Nick Jr. pilot; 1999)

Super Why! (pilot)
Screenshots from the pliot.
Screenshots from the pliot.
Status Lost

Super Why! is an animated television show about a kid who jumps into books. The show was created by Blue's Clues creator Angela Santomero in 1999, and a pilot was also made for Nick Jr. by Cuppa Coffee Animation in Toronto, Canada.

The most notable difference between the pilot and the 2007 show is that the pilot was animated in stop-motion animation instead of CGI animation. The designs for the characters also seem to be quite different. No footage of the pilot has surfaced anywhere, however.




Anonymous user #1

11 months ago
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This article does not mention that in the screenshots, it is stopmotion while the final series is CGI

Anonymous user #2

5 months ago
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Wasn't there a show already called Super WHY?

Anonymous user #3

4 months ago
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Wasn't there a thing called reading the article?
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