Dr. Dre hates fans. (found deleted YouTube video; 2011)

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Frames of the first half of the video.

Status: Found

Date found:
May 2023 (First half)
16 Apr 2024 (second half)

Found by:
KTT2 (first half)
AndrewYouTube (second half)

Dr. Dre hates fans is an infamous video that was uploaded by YouTube user thegeniusmachine on the 10th of January, 2011.


When it was originally uploaded, it garnered negative attention with dislikes and comments that were reacting unfavorably. After that, it remained under the radar until it got picked up in 2013 on r/videos[1]and r/DeepIntoYouTube.[2] By the same token, it has circulated as a meme on hip-hop music boards such as KanyeToThe[3], RapGenius, and Boxden.


The video is 1 minute, and 38 seconds long and consists of an awkward and contorted interaction between Dr. Dre and a fan. It then cuts to footage supposedly from a French movie.[4] Which shows a family taking a trip in the U.S. stopping at Disney World. The video ends with a text at the end saying:

This is the sound of Lisa Finkel crying at home. It was recorded by her father.

2 weeks after her funeral.

After that, it displays the title "The Ghost Guardians" with text following it, saying:

Book Coming Soon.

Written by Charles Arnes

Which explains that the ending was simply an advertisement for the uploader's upcoming book, it's unknown if it ever released in any capacity.


The video was deleted in 2021 for a vague reason given by thegeniusmachine because "The powers that be" told him to delete the video while also stating that he himself no longer had the video.[5] On May 2023, one user on the music forum website, KTT2, uploaded the video on Streamable in a truncated form where it's only the Dr. Dre portion.[6] this upload has since been deleted, but can still be found on YouTube. On the 24th of May, 2023, a gif of the video's preview was discovered which features some footage from the ending.[7] On April 16th, 2024, YouTube user AndrewYouTube was able to find the second half of the video, and uploaded it combined with the Dr. Dre section, rendering the entire video as found.


The full video.

The Dr. Dre section of the video.