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For a long time now the notice board has functioned more as a personal blog than an actual “notice board”, but that all changes today! Introducing the new writer of our notice boards: you [the viewer]!

That’s right, for the first time in nearly 8 years, the notice board functions like an actual notice board :P

All registered users can now submit reports of found media via the “report newly found media” button below – fill in the relevant fields and submit, and if an admin approves it, it will appear on the notice board!

I hope this will be a better way of keeping track of all the found pieces of media without a single individual having to run themselves into the ground doing it

As this is a new and somewhat experimental feature, please excuse any bugs that you might encounter 🙏


Report newly found media

The Wonder Years/Emergency & I was found on 25 Aug 2020 by qwills and tylertwy
The Wonder Years/Emergency & I - The Wonder Years/Emergency & I (found demo split EP; 2005)
Looney Tunes Laff Riot was found on 28 Sep 2020 by Trevor Thompson
Looney Tunes Laff Riot - Looney Tunes: Laff Riot (found unreleased pitch pilot of "The Looney Tunes Show" animated sitcom; 2009)
Fuktronic was found on 8 May 2020 by Serjical Strike Records (it was officially released for Record Store Day 2020)
Fuktronic - "Fuktronic" (lost Serj Tankian/Jimmy Urine collaboration album; 2012)
Pac-Man VR Virtuality ROM was found on 3 Sep 2020 by chilistudios
Pac-Man VR Virtuality ROM
Welcome to Pooh Corner (43 episodes) was partially found on 20 Sep 2020 by Redditor foreignfilmfiend
Welcome to Pooh Corner (43 episodes) - Welcome to Pooh Corner (partially found live-action puppet Disney show; 1983-1986)
Cruel Ghost Legend 1080p broadcast rip was found on 23 Sep 2020 by PoopToobYou,
Cruel Ghost Legend 1080p broadcast rip - Cruel Ghost Legend (found Japanese horror film; 1968)
Frogger: Ancient Shadow was partially found on 12 Sep 2020 by Kneesnap, Flairieve
Frogger: Ancient Shadow - Frogger: Ancient Shadow (partially found PC port of puzzle platformer; 2006)
Cartoon Lost And Found was found on 18 Sep 2020 by Anonymous
Cartoon Lost And Found - Cartoon Lost and Found (found live-action/animated Nick at Nite special; 1990)
Once Upon a Time in America US Cut was found on 3 Sep 2020 by Ray_ray1999
Once Upon a Time in America US Cut - Once Upon a Time in America (lost 139-minute US theatrical cut of drama film; 1984)

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