PAW Patrol (lost pitch pilots and early concepts of Nick Jr. animated series; 2008-2013)

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The original concept art for PAW Patrol, courtesy of Spin Master.

Status: Lost

PAW Patrol is a Nick Jr. computer-animated series created by Keith Chapman. The series revolves around a boy named Ryder with a crew of rescue dogs and pups that work on missions in the fictional Adventure Bay.

The show has gone through a vast amount of changes before its initial premiere in 2013. There are believed to be a variety of pitch pilots and concept tests from before the series was finalised, and these have not seen the light of day. Sometime in 2008, the first piece of concept art was created titled Raffi and the Rescue Dogs, the first piece of concept art was created by Keith Chapman who also worked on other shows at the time.


Robbie & The Rescue Dogs

Status: Lost

In 2010, concepts and a possible pitch pilot were proposed by Spin Master and developed by Keith Chapman. The working title at this time was Robbie & The Rescue Dogs, (also known as Robbie's Rescue Pups.) Ryder was also named Robbie in this stage.

There is confirmed to exist an animation test and a trailer that was pitched and shown to Nick Jr. during either this phase or an earlier one. but this has never resurfaced as of now.[1] According to John Mariella's website, there was an Otter character in the test scene. [2]

Although currently, nothing of this stage outside of concept art resurfaced.

Robbie's Pup Pack

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

In an unknown timestamp, another concept was pitched, approaching for a realistic design and the name Robbie's Pup Pack. A variety of design changes were pitched and considered during this phase.

There is a lack of information about this phase in development, however an image of the earlier concept art was given to the NickALive! blog by Keith Chapman. A few pieces of concept art were also available on John Mariella's website, but have since been taken down and only a few have been archived.

Ryder's PAW Patrol

Status: Existence Unconfirmed

Around 2012, another concept was pitched, this time having the name Ryder's P.A.W. Patrol. The design was changed drastically and resembled the final show more in terms of these factors, outside of the fact that designs were still 2D in this stage. The name Ryder was also finalised during this stage.[3]

One scrapped character during the development was a dog named Timber, who resembled the design and would've been the companion of another character named Jake. The reason why Timber was scrapped is unknown, however he was replaced with Everest in the final series. The change from 2D to 3D for designs happened sometime in late 2012 or 2013.[4]

There exists multiple pieces of concept art from this stage, however it is not known if any animation or tests exists, though it is most likely they exist in some format.


While concept art exists and has resurfaced for most of the stages, any animation tests, trailers, or footage has currently not seen the light of day yet. Only one stage is also confirmed to have footage as of now.

It is unknown if any more concept art or images will be posted by production members or make its way online.


Robbie & The Rescue Dogs

Robbie’s Pup Pack

Ryder's PAW Patrol

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