Nick Jr. Power Play Summer (partially found Nick Jr. interstitial series; 2005)

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Logo of the event; In the style of "LazyTown".

Status: Partially Found

Nick Jr. Power Play Summer was a event held on Nick Jr. and Nick Jr. on CBS in the summer of 2005. The event involved "headband" Stephanie from LazyTown encouraging children watching to get up and get active with her on-air activites like dancing to raise an on-screen meter. She was occasionally joined by Sportacus, Pixel, Ziggy, and guest kids in some segments. The event debuted May 30th, 2005 and ended late August. [1]

Some examples of activities done include jumping jacks, learning the "bing-bang" dance, and wiggling.

Some interesting things to note about this event are that Piper O'Possum bumpers or segments never played the entirety of the event. The schedule mostly remained the same for this event though aside from a few changes. Also, beginning on June 6th, there was a week of new LazyTown episodes premiering during this event. [2]

Most of this event is lost outside of the resurfaced footage. These were recently discovered in personal tapes. It is unknown how many segments exist outside of the ones known.


Promos seen on Nickelodeon in summer 2005. Some segments from the event can be seen at (2:42, 4:43, and 6:25).

Nick Jr. on CBS commercial break from summer of 2005 containing some bumpers.

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