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"Now, before you write an article, I ask you to read a bit of these, okay?"



  • All users engaging in flame wars, trolling, or any other kind of offensive behaviour will receive a ban; repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  • Do not spam in an article's comment section; such behaviour will lead to a ban; repeat offenders will be banned permanently.
  • Only staff can select which articles are featured. Attempting to add or remove the code from articles yourself will lead to a warning at the very least.


  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will ultimately result in a ban for repeat offenders; this includes copying text from other wikis, regardless of what their Creative Commons license states. The entire article must be your own, though direct quotes are acceptable (so long as they don't comprise the majority of the article's content).
  • Articles must be of a competent level of quality, with correct punctuation, spelling, paragraphing, etc.
  • Pieces of lost media are only eligible for an article if they are relevant enough to warrant one, ie. they must be relatively known amongst the general public; if unsure of a potential article's eligibility, please contact a staff member.
  • New articles for pieces of media that have already been found are allowed on a case-by-case basis, as the media in question must have been known about and considered lost for a significant period of time before it was found; if unsure of a potential article's eligibility, please contact a staff member.
  • New articles on lost dubs are also taken on a case-by-case basis; unless it's an English dub of a non-English show or the original dub for the media in question, they must be OK'd by an admin before posting.
  • Articles on prototype builds of games (popularly dubbed "betas" or "alphas") should only be made if there is solid evidence that there were builds with significant differences to the final product (screenshots, video, interviews, etc.). Additionally, articles should not be made on individual portions of game content that are "lost". Other popular sites cover things like this and "finding" the original code is impractical. Lost/Unreleased DLC is an exception to this rule.
  • Articles on cancelled media should specifically talk about the production materials that are lost, such as shot scenes of a cancelled film/TV show or prototypes of a cancelled game. If there isn't sufficient proof that something was shot/developed for the cancelled media, then an article shouldn't be made on it. If unsure of the material's existence, then you may note that its existence is unconfirmed.
  • Articles on illegal materials are strictly forbidden; there are some lines we simply do not cross (even when NSFW/NSFL tags are used).



  • The title of your article should abide by the site's article naming convention, ie. Title of Media (status and brief description; year or time period), for example, Mickey Mouse in Vietnam (found silent animated short; 1968).
  • Articles should be written as factually and unbiased as possible.
  • Articles should be around 500 words minimum, unless information on the topic is scarce. Longer articles are perfectly fine if there is an abundance of information on the subject, just try not to include any excessive or unnecessary content.
  • All articles must contain at least one reference and/or external link. Videos and pictures of magazine/newspaper articles may also be used. More references are strongly encouraged, but not required if there is a scarcity of information. If there are no sources that can attest to a piece of media's existence other than your own memory, do not write an article.
    • References must be concrete — wikis (e.g. Wikipedia, FANDOM wikis) and online databases (e.g. IMDb, Discogs) editable by anybody do not qualify as concrete sources as they may be easily manipulated and thus prove unreliable. If said pages use concrete references of their own, use those instead.
  • Articles should include an infobox; see the Tips section below for an example of the code used to generate one.
  • Infobox status colours are as follows: Lost, Found, Partially Lost/Found, Existence Unconfirmed/Non-existent/Unproduced
  • Articles should only contain subheadings when there is an overabundance of information available on a particular subject.
  • If your article is on something that would call for a list (TV show episodes, album song list, etc.), it is recommended that you use a table to list the items in order to better organize the page; see the Tips section below for an example of the code used to generate one.
  • Font styles and quotation marks should be used where appropriate; bold for the first mention of an article's subject matter, italics for the title of a production (eg. an album or a TV show) and quotation marks for individual parts of said production (eg. a song or an episode).
  • When embedding videos on an article, please do not exceed six videos, as any more than that may cause problems for certain users viewing the page due to the high amount of videos being rendered.
  • Articles of a pornographic nature should be tagged with a NSFW (not safe for work) disclaimer; see the Tips section below for an example of the code used to generate one.
  • Articles of a disturbing nature should be tagged with a NSFL (not safe for life) disclaimer; see the Tips section below for an example of the code used to generate one.


  • Please use the search function before creating an article; there may already be one for the media in question.
  • Please do not edit another member's User page; doing so grievously will lead to a ban.
  • Please do not remove content from an article unless you have justifiable proof that said content was either incorrect or irrelevant.
  • Please do not post incomplete articles; if it's not finished, save the incomplete article code to your computer and post it when it's finished. By all means, use the site's page creator to test your code's functionality via the preview button, but don't actually publish it until it's complete.
  • Please do not create category pages without consulting an admin about it first.



Lost media infobox:

|title=<center>Sesame Street episode 847</center>
|imagecaption=Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West, alongside Oscar the Grouch.
|status=<span style="color:red;">'''Lost'''</span>

Found media infobox:

|title=<center>Mickey Mouse in Vietnam</center>
|imagecaption=Screenshot originally supplied by the Sarajevo Film Festival.
|status=<span style="color:green;">'''Found'''</span>
|datefound=22 Apr 2013
|foundby=[ abadhiggins]

Infobox status colours:

<span style="color:red;">'''Lost'''</span>
<span style="color:green;">'''Found'''</span>
<span style="color:orange;">'''Partially Lost/Found'''</span>
<span style="color:grey;">'''Existence Unconfirmed'''</span>


See here for EmbedVideo functionality.

Image, right justified (by default), 300px width:

[[File:MickeyMouseInVietnam-SarajevoFilmFestival.jpg|thumb|300px|Screenshot originally supplied by the Sarajevo Film Festival.]]

Gallery, packed, 175px height (images only):

<gallery mode=packed heights=175px>
MickeyMouseInVietnam-SarajevoFilmFestival.jpg|Screenshot originally supplied by the Sarajevo Film Festival.
SesameStreet847-HamiltonGrayscale.jpg|Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West, alongside Oscar the Grouch.
SesameStreetDivorce-40YearsScreenshot.jpg|Screenshot from the episode, taken from Sesame Street: A Celebration - 40 Years of Life on the Street.
AttackOfTheGiantVulture-InfoboxScreenshot.jpg|The giant vulture, the short's antagonist.

See here for further images and galleries functionality.


External (link to a site outside of the LMW)

[ Main page for Wikipedia]

Internal (link to another page on the LMW)

The show Space Ghost Coast to Coast has a [[Space Ghost Coast to Coast "Snatch" Ending (lost script; 1999)|script infamous for the mystery surrounding it]].

Table (columns may be added and subtracted when needed; bar color may be changed if desired as long as it's still readable):

{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center"
! style="background-color:green" | #
! style="background-color:green" | Episode Title
! style="background-color:green" | Air Date
! style="background-color:green" | Status
|1||In the Beginning||Sep. 14 1985||'''[ Found]'''
|2||Space Cowboys||Sep. 21 1985||'''[ Found]'''
|3||The Great Boodini||Sep. 28 1985||'''[ Found]'''
|4||Hi, Mars||Unaired||Lost
|5||Monster Measles||Unaired||Lost
|6||Gonzo's Talent Hunt||Unaired||'''[ Partially Found]'''

See here for further table functionality.

References (include date retrieved at end if known):

<ref>[ Original Tumblr post where the full nightmare scene was uploaded.] Retrieved 18 Dec '16</ref> (after the paragraph for which the reference was used)

[ ... ]

{{reflist}} (at the bottom of the article; 1 column)
{{reflist|2}} (at the bottom of the article; 2 columns)

To cite a particular source multiple times, see here.

Article category:

[[Category:Lost TV]]

NSFW disclaimer (leave reason section blank for "pornographic subject matter"):


NSFL disclaimer (leave reason section blank for "disturbing subject matter"):


Needing work disclaimer (leave reason section blank for "lack of content"):