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19 January 2022

N    05:26  ABS-CBN (lost final sign-off of Filipino TV channel; 1972) diffhist +2,982 PHTVArchive talk contribs new page
     05:14  Noddy (partially lost British stopmotion series; 1975-1976) diffhist +49 Commodore64 talk contribs →‎Series 2: episode one was found
     04:37  How The Hampsters Saved Winter (found direct-to-video Hampster Dance film; 2009)‎‎ 2 changes history +7 [YoshiKiller2S‎; Commodore64‎]
04:37 (cur | prev) +7 YoshiKiller2S talk contribs
00:27 (cur | prev) 0 Commodore64 talk contribs →‎Availablity: minor
     04:36 Upload log PHTVArchive talk contribs uploaded File:ABSCBN1967Logo.png
     03:54  (User creation log) [VictorZZX‎; Tristan't‎; KosmicPoptarts‎; GreekChorus86‎; Conner‎]
03:54 User account Tristan't talk contribs was created ‎
03:28 User account Conner talk contribs was created ‎
02:02 User account KosmicPoptarts talk contribs was created ‎
00:17 User account VictorZZX talk contribs was created ‎
00:13 User account GreekChorus86 talk contribs was created ‎
 m   03:24  Nano-Nano (lost Filipino English dub of Indonesian candy commercial; 1990s) diffhist +27 HeureusementNonAgaçant talk contribs
 m   03:08  User:XXXnothingXXX diffhist +34 XXXnothingXXX talk contribs
     02:56  Childs Play (lost two-hour cut of horror film; 1988) diffhist +452 PinkaSketch talk contribs
 m   01:18  Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (lost original cut of direct-to-DVD film; existence unconfirmed; 2011)‎‎ 3 changes history -345 [SenaUW‎; Dejancoolboy‎; Comedyfan74‎]
01:18 (cur | prev) -345 Comedyfan74 talk contribs
01:04 (cur | prev) +1 SenaUW talk contribs Reverted edits by Dejancoolboy (talk) to last revision by PinkaSketch Tag: Rollback
00:18 (cur | prev) -1 Dejancoolboy talk contribs
     01:12  User talk:Dejancoolboy diffhist +442 SenaUW talk contribs
 m   01:09  American Dog (partially found original version of "Bolt" Disney animated film; 2007-2008)‎‎ 4 changes history 0 [Dejancoolboy‎ (2×); Comedyfan74‎ (2×)]
01:09 (cur | prev) +10 Comedyfan74 talk contribs NOT FOUND! STOP CHANGING IT TO FOUND WHEN IT'S CLEARLY NOT FOUND! Tag: Undo
01:08 (cur | prev) -10 Dejancoolboy talk contribs
00:59 (cur | prev) +11 Comedyfan74 talk contribs Undo revision 167989 by Dejancoolboy (talk) It's not found Tag: Undo
00:51 (cur | prev) -11 Dejancoolboy talk contribs
     01:02  Angry Grandpa (partially lost video series; 2007-2017) diffhist +354 Vcubed talk contribs A couple of videos were found
     00:43  User:Polaris56‎‎ 2 changes history +16 [Polaris56‎ (2×)]
00:43 (cur | prev) +13 Polaris56 talk contribs →‎Advent of Ascension (partially lost versions of a Minecraft mod; 2014-present)
00:42 (cur | prev) +3 Polaris56 talk contribs →‎Advent of Ascension (partially lost versions of a Minecraft mod; 2014-present)
N    00:00  Creating Creating Creating Cartoon Network Mini Match (lost Cartoon Network MMO; 2007-2009) diffhist +4,308 Rex talk contribs I saw an article request and decided to make an article for this. Unfortunately there's not a lot of information on the game and my personal memory with the game is very spotty, but this article has what I was able to find.

18 January 2022

     23:51  (Upload log) [Rex‎ (7×)]
23:51 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchunderwater.jpg
23:51 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchmainisland.jpg(Art from the lost MMO Minimatch.)
23:51 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchlogin.jpg(Login page from the lost MMO Minimatch.)
23:51 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchhero.jpg
23:50 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchhauntedgarded.jpg(Art from the lost MMO Minimatch.)
23:50 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatchalien.jpg(Art from the lost MMO Minimatch.)
22:28 Rex talk contribs uploaded File:Minimatch.jpg(Title for a lost Cartoon Network MMO)
     23:49  (User creation log) [Wadanohara‎; The logo fan 2021‎; StaticFluffles‎; Rex‎; Buddog‎; BrandonNetwork‎; AsainCHINGCHONG‎; 2wsxv‎]
23:49 User account Buddog talk contribs was created ‎
23:20 User account FTTonLMW talk contribs was created by The logo fan 2021 talk contribs(i am locked out of my old account due to the password being leaked.)
22:09 User account Rex talk contribs was created ‎
21:48 User account Wadanohara talk contribs was created ‎
21:22 User account BrandonNetwork talk contribs was created ‎
19:11 User account StaticFluffles talk contribs was created ‎
19:03 User account AsainCHINGCHONG talk contribs was created ‎
18:49 User account 2wsxv talk contribs was created ‎
     23:30  WildTangent (partially found PC/online games; 1999-2018) diffhist +161 Eddy447 talk contribs →‎External Links
     22:49  User talk:Dejancoolboy diffhist +248 Dejancoolboy talk contribs →‎Thomas & Friends: Day of the Diesels (Original Cut)
     22:12  London After Midnight (lost Lon Chaney mystery horror film; 1927) diffhist -14 Corvene talk contribs
     22:09  How The Hampsters Saved Winter (found direct-to-video Hampster Dance film; 2009) diffhist +8 Corvene talk contribs
     21:09  Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey (partially found sci-fi animated film; 2010) diffhist +8 GreatBeast455 talk contribs
     20:18  User:LostMediaSearcher/Fireproof diffhist +69 LostMediaSearcher talk contribs
     19:50  User:LostMediaSearcher diffhist +62 LostMediaSearcher talk contribs →‎Stuff that's not finished yet.
     19:17  User:LostMediaSearcher/Under the Same Stars: the Search for my Brother and the True Story of My Immortal diffhist -220 LostMediaSearcher talk contribs Cutting fluff.
     19:01  Atomic3D (partially found 3D web plugin content from website; 1996-2012)‎‎ 2 changes history +53 [MachineMan‎ (2×)]
19:01 (cur | prev) +11 MachineMan talk contribs
19:01 (cur | prev) +42 MachineMan talk contribs