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So then how should I format the page?

like the rest of the page, how is this hard for you? - YoshiKiller2S


Why can't I improve, why do you have to keep everything to yourself? I'm not even trying to 'cause trouble I'm just genuine annoyed that I can't edit the page without someone undoing it. Just tell me how I can my formating work please!

- Michael Jackson


I was told by a close friend that I was being petty over nothing so I'm sorry. My intention was to make things more accurate as I am a big ToonHeads fan but things started to get out of control. Is there anything I can do to improve my article editing as I am new to this and want to learn?


Early Draft of Shrek

Hey YoshiKiller23, Quick question, how were you able to find the Early Draft of the Shrek script from 1997? Is there a link to the full script? - Wiggles Fan est. 2001 (talk) 03:16, 23 October 2022 (UTC)

Gymnast segments

Hi, YoshiKiller2S:

Just wondering from where you got the file of eight gymnast segments from Sesame Street. I had someone on Muppet Fandom share them with me this past June (on a video on the 'Streamable' Web site), but that video no longer exists. Was the file which you got from Discord (and presumably the one on YouTube now) the same as the one I mentioned, or is it too hard to tell? Just wondering. Thanks.



Hey, I have a link from Soundcloud - Anynomus222

Spartakus and the Sun Benath

Hey, are all of the episodes found or not? - Anynomous222