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I have trouble making infoboxes, and I feel that takes down the quality of my articles. I type the code in for the infoboxes, but for some reason, once I save it turns into a giant jumbled mess. I don't know what to do.

When I personally do when there isn't an infobox or just creating an article is that I look at the Rules, guidelines and tips section on infoboxes and just copy and paste it into the article. I then just replace the information with the new info and it's completed. Hope this helps you. - Ryan

Thanks, I usually just type in the infobox code manually, and I guess that's what causes the messiness. - Astro

If you want to, I noticed everything of code was good except for the fact that you never finished the code with the two }}. It should go onto a separate line underneath the image caption part but just before the first paragraph. - Ryan

Just below the rest of the code? - Astro

Hi Astro! I was wondering if there was anything i can do to help? I made some mistakes on the wiki and i need to make up for them. If there's anything i can do please message me on my talk page, thank you! -Callie