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The first drawing which started it all.

LMW-tan is the moe anthropomorphic mascot of the Lost Media Wiki; also known as "gijinka" or OS-tan, this is when any concept (including a website) is personified as a cute anime/manga-like girl!

Previous website-based examples include Wikipe-tan and Trope-tan, so here is LMW-tan.

She was inspired by the protagonist of Cracks, a formerly lost animated short which is possibly the most famous piece of lost media on the Wiki. She is thus also wearing green and white, which is the color theme of the website.

Originally, she was just some fan art done for fun, but gained enough appreciation to become the official mascot!

LMW-tan is a shy but curious and passionate little lady, who has a passion for old movies, TV shows, cartoons and even video games. If she learns of such a thing that is lost and impossible to view by the common people, you can bet she will make the best effort to obtain it, for the greater good!

All original LMW-tan illustrations come courtesy of Gaucelm (aka Reynard).


Fan art