Wallykazam! "Monty's Magic Words" (partially found pilot for Nick Jr. education series; 2010s)

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The show’s logo.

Status: Partially Found

Wallykazam! is an American CGI children's education show that aired from February 3rd, 2014,[1] to September 9th, 2017, on Nickelodeon and Nick Jr.

In the early 2010s, creator Adam Peltzman made Two 5-minute shorts featuring a troll named Monty (later to be known as the protagonist, Wally Trollman) and his pet dragon, Norville. One exists on Vimeo, with Norville finding a stick and then the duo discovering it as a magic stick, and it leaves, and they follow it. The other film, titled Legend of the Stick, that was produced by Curiosity Pictures, was posted as unlisted on YouTube and it continues Monty and Norville catching the stick and when Monty gets it, a word pops up. The word was huge, and it made Norville a lot bigger. Peltzman created a 15-minute longer pilot with more characters such as Gina Giant, Libby Light Sprite, and Bobgoblin who would later be characters in the show.


A press-related Viacom account posted the pilot on Vimeo but because the account was deleted, the only footage aside from those sources is mentioned by Peltzman himself, on Facebook, and some character rotations of Monty and Norville by the same person who uploaded "Legend of the Stick" and was also unlisted.[2] The pilot would later be remade into Episode 4, "How to Bathe Your Own Dragon".


Vimeo clip.

"Legend of the Stick"

Character rotations.

Adam Peltzman talks about the show. On 0:59-1:17, Peltzman talks about making a pilot and when Wally was called, Monty.

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